Thursday, April 20, 2006

My socks are done!!!

Yes, my socks are finished, I just need to weave in the ends and wash them and block them. My second one is a bit smaller than the first. I thought I needed to knit tighter, but I should have knitted the same as I did the first one. Also the gusset is 5 decreases less than the first one, as I could not figure out how to decrease 10 stitches and still have the nubmer of stitches left that I should.
As soon as I have pictures I will post them.

Sunday, April 16, 2006

Home, Home, Home At Last

Well, we finally made it back to Virginia. It took a bit, and a couple detours, but we are here. "Are you glad to be back home?" people have asked me...well to be quite honest every time I go to Germany it gets harder and harder to leave. Although I must admit it was wonderful to see my parents, my dogs, and my 3 step-sons. By the way I got to see them in that order. Approximately 45min after arriving from PA (to pick up the dogs from my parents) the boys came tumbling in the door for their weekend with us. They just keep growing.
They all loved all their goodies that we brought them, t-shirts from Hard Rock Cafe in Koln (Cologne), Milka and Kinder Schokolade, and Shokolade Hase for Easter.
I am still in the process of trying to get through 1 months worth of mail (which had to be brought home from the Post Office in one of those big white Postal Boxes that they use to sort mail. Yesterday I did all the laundry that was here, and took my turn at the lawn mower. We still have one more round of lawn mowing to do today. I cannot even imagine what things would look like if we had been gone while it was warmer and the grass could grow faster.
As for my knitting and is on hold for the time being. Must get re-organized a bit. I do return to my night shift job tonight, so maybe I will finish my second sock tonight (as long as I stay awake). I must admit after seeing all the wonderful sock yarns in Germany I am quite excited about the socks I will soon have in my possession (hopefully). Plus I have the yarns already purchased for some lovely tops for the spring and summer.
I will try my best to post some pictures as soon as DH gets them to me.
My hope is to do a bit more blogging now that I am home and have the hang of it. Just to keep myself honest Wed (April 19) will be my official Day 1 of re-dedicating myself to me health improvement venture. I just want to be healthier as in exercising more, eating better, and sleeping well. I am so glad summer is on its way since that way there will be alot more fruit and vegetables available.
So, until I catch up again,,, I hope everyone is well, and enjoying a lovely weekend with family and friends, and welcoming in the start of a new season.