Friday, November 17, 2006

My Day Off Paid Off!!

Hey All, I must say my day OFF was a great 'pay off'. I definitely relaxed more than I have for quite a while, I did some things around the house that helped me feel as if I had accomplished something other than just being an object existing in this space.

It felt good to do some laundry, do some vacuuming, do a bit of plant rearranging (in preparation of the oncoming Christmas Tree), do a bit or sorting and pitching of stuff I don't really need around, and YES even some knitting (both holiday and my own). On top of all that, I took the dogs to get their nails clipped, and spent some quality time with my DH (who managed to come home early from work). So all in all it was a very good day. I may have even regained a bit of peace and serenity.

This morning I actually sat down and took the time to meditate and do a bit of yoga. Of course my poor body/muscles are absolutely clueless as to what I was doing and why would I be doing it. I know they will get used to it again as long as I persevere. I guess maybe having a whole day to just contemplate some things has helped me regain some focus that has disappeared from my life lately.

I must say Thank You to those of you who read this and know that I have been focused on stuff that has only been causing me trouble lately...Thank You for being patient and being gentle with me. I guess that is what friendship is all about.

I have a few things planned for this morning, but then I must return to work. But I will return in a better place

Do take care one and all!!

Thursday, November 16, 2006

A day OFF

Wow, what a concept. I have a whole day off today. Oh my!! What shall I do....hmmmmm??

Well, first there was sleeping in until 8am, then there was the 1st load of laundry, and then feed the dogs, and then feed me. Checked the computer and email, and will throw in the 2nd load here in a moment. I have some vacuuming to do, and a phone call to a very dear friend (to whom I have not spoken to in a while), and hopefully while on the phone I can do some holiday knitting.

Next day off will be next Wed when we will be on the road driving to Pennsylvania to visit my parents for Thanksgiving.

Have gotten a few rows of my knitted lace shawl done here and there. Still working on some holiday knitting gifts and trying to figure out what Christmas shopping I have already done, and who I still need things for. I can't believe it is already that time of the year.

This year has both gone terribly fast and exhaustingly slow at the same time. I guess that is what happens as we get older.

I hope everyone is well and that you are doing all the things you want to be doing.
Take Care

Monday, November 13, 2006

Yes, I am still here....

I know, I know. It has been forever since I have taken the time to sit down and write here in my blog. As usual life seems to be taking over for me. With the holiday shopping season in full swing here, my hours at the store are mounting. My time here at home seems to be at a premium, and then there is time to spend with DH when he is home and the boys when they are here. My head spins at the thought of it sometimes.

I must admit I did get a little time to do some knitting on my shawl. When I am working on it, I really enjoy that bit of time. A little escape for me I guess you could say. Unfortunately then everything that 'needs' to be done closes in on me.

So the few hours that I have here at home this morning will be laundry, a bit of finance work on the computer, and hopefully a few rows on my shawl.

Hope all are doing well and I look forward to visiting your blogs.

Friday, October 27, 2006

Speaking of Time....

They say the best laid plans of mice and men....(or of one working woman without her husband for a week)

I thought I would have lots of time to knit and clean and just enjoy being by myself. Boy was I off the mark on that one. For 1. I ended up working extra hours since we are getting into the "holiday flow" mode at the store. Then for 2. I did my regular night shifts along with working extra hours at the store hence there was not alot of time that I was not either sleeping or working... bummer. I will have to plan better when he goes away next time (which will be for 3.5wks in Feb/Mar) except for a couple little short trips between now and Christmas. But again resurfaces that "holiday flow" issue and therefore I will be working.

I did manage to finish one of my intended Christmas gifts and find two others that were already completed. Now I have just a few more to go. Good thing I work that night shift and need something to keep me awake all night. Knitting certainly takes care of that for me (most of the time). Although I must admit I have had a couple instances where I found myself waking up with needles poised in mid air and then in a panic as to whether or not I had dropped any stitches.

I find myself already looking forward to January, since about that time things will slow down at the store and hopefully our court issues with the 'wench' will have settled out and we will be well on the road to a better place financially. If the justice (I use this term loosely) system continues to muck with our lives...well then I guess I will continue to work as much as I am able.

It is time for me to run along, as I am waiting for Rick to return with the 2 younger boys. I have not seen them since the middle of September...I do miss seeing them. When you only get them every other weekend and then you miss one weekend, it really makes is seem like quite along time. I am looking forward to spending a family day tomorrow. Yes, I am off from work. Really had to put my foot down, but it is important.

Happy Knitting or stitching to All and To All a good Weekend!!

Monday, October 23, 2006

He's Off to OH...

Yes, today I took Rick to the airport so he could be off to Dayton, OH for a work related convention. Then it was on to the store for me. Yes, Virginia the holidays have set in. Today I recieved the first half of our Christmas Hardgoods shipment - a mere 71(scheduled) but 84(actual) boxes to be unboxed and put on the stockroom shelf by me and me alone. Apparently there was no one to call in to come and help me. Needless to say after my 8hrs at the store, I am about 1/3 done with this chore. After all the majority of the boxes did not show until after 1pm.

I then decided after getting home and feeding the girls and playing with them a bit, I really should put aside my 'Me' knitting and get my needles in gear for the Christmas gifts I have planned. It is the end of Oct and I know the holidays will truly be here in no time. Good thing these gifts go fairly quickly.

So, having chatted with a good friend, and my DH it is now time for me to call it a night, as tomorrow will come early and I have another 8hr day at the store to be followed by a 9hr night duty at my private duty case.

Life is never dull, nor is it very restful when I am home. No wonder I 'Dream of Germany' so often. I generally feel quite relaxed while I am there, even when I am busy. I wonder why that is...could be some sort of time warp thing. I hope it will continue that way when I do finally get to live there for a bit.

More later, when I get the chance...
Life is what you make, make it GREAT!!!

Wednesday, October 18, 2006

10 Songs will be tough...

OK, so I figured out that Rachael tagged me about 10 songs I am listening to...hmmm that is tough for me, as I tend not to be home long enough to thinking about putting the radio or CD's on. I am quite content with no songs. BUT I will take this into serious consideration and contemplate listening to some music more often. I can warn you though, that chances will be country or classical.

I am awake now from being back at my night shift job for the first time in 3wks...OH MAN did last night ever hurt. While working night shift really helps in the jet lag issues going east (as in to Germany), but that first night back is always painfully LONG!!!! I slept well today and now need to do a bit of work before DH comes home. Since once he arrives it will be dinner and finances (which are not pretty) and then hopefully a short little nap and off to work again tonight. Maybe tonight I will actually do more than just pull the knitting needles and project out of my bag. Maybe tonight I will actually - Knit (ooooo ahhhhhh).

Tuesday, October 17, 2006

Let's Try this AGAIN

Again I will try to keep up at least with some regularity on my blogging.

I am now back from Amsterdam and Germany. Had an absolutely fantastic time in Amsterdam. Rachael and I just made our way around on our 'I Am Amsterdam' cards. I must admit I have now officially used more public transportation over the course of the last 3wks than I have in my entire lifetime. I guess that means I am either very spoiled or very sheltered. Possibly even a bit of both. Time with Rachael was fun and we did some yarn shopping, and then some knitting. I finished the baby socks for my 6month old neice, and I started a lace shawl (twice!!). I then tore out the entire 35 rows of said lace shawl and restarted it one more time during the flight home. So far so good this time.

Also spent 5 days with my neice who is a college exchange student in Koeln. Picked her up on Sunday and went to Southern Bavaria (Ricks's favorite area). We stayed at a Gasthaus that we had all stayed at 3yrs ago. Not much changed, but some things did. We went up the Zug Spitz and experienced being in 4 different countries at the same time. The weather was beautiful and at the highest point in Germany I was comfy in just a shirt, sweatshirt, and a wrap around shawl. We also spent a day in Munich, wandering the streets and revisiting some really lovely churches and the Marien Platz (in time for the show).

But alas, it is back to reality and the grind-stone. Day 1 at home saw 3-4loads of laundry and sorting of vacation stuff and unpacking. Day 2 at home saw me back at work, as they begged and pleaded for me to come in, so I said yes. After all being on vacation does translate into NOT being paid.

We are moving into the throws of late Fall and early Holiday apparel at the store and so it is the start of a very busy season. So I will do my best to keep up here when I can.

I am off to do some more of the 'needs to be done' stuff and then off to work.
Hi Ho Hi Ho it's off to work I go.....

Have a great Day

Thursday, September 21, 2006

He's Back at Work

Yes, my DH has finally made it back into the world of the working stiff. Although this time it is as a civilian. A bit different for him. Me I am enjoying the return of quiet time (more or less) at home on my own. Of course right now is quite hectic as I am trying to get everything ready for me to be gone for almost 3weeks, plus work, and so on.

I have been knitting and working on mini socks for my 6month old niece, as well as drooling over yarn and patterns and such. I really must do something about selling off some of my cross stitch stash. But that won't happen until after I return from Germany.

Speaking of Germany, I am so looking forward to my trip. I will arrive into Amsterdam and meet up with my Dear Friend Rachael and we will do the 'Girl Thing' for about 3 days, and then I will return with her to her home and we will continue to do the 'girl thing' but in familiar surroundings. Am hoping to get the chance to get together with my other Friend Viv and maybe have a sit and knit one day. Then Rick will arrive and we will go to Cologne on Sat and meet up with my 19yr old niece who is an exchange student right now, and then take off for Southern Bavaria to re-visit some places we all saw when on big family vacation in 2003 (and yes for those of my European friends, that would be during the nasty heat wave of 03). Then it is back to Cologne and then on home to VA.

I am looking forward to good Friends, lots of walking, adventures and of course really great food.

Since Rick's computer is officially now 'a boat anchor', maybe I can get him to teach me how to plug in the camera and load pics to my computer. Unfortunately my puter is again showing signs of being schizoid. While I love computers for how they can keep us all connected, some times they make me wild crazy with how much time they suck up when they are not feeling well.

I will try to do some Blogging while away, we shall see. If not, see you all when I get back. BTW...I have pretty much healed up since surgery, just a bit of energy issues still remaining. Hopefully by the time I come home all will be back to normal.

Sunday, September 10, 2006

Can you spell NO Patience!!!

Yes!! I admit it...all those instructions that I used to give my surgical patients about taking it easy and giving your body a chance to heal... it was for them, not me!!! I am different. I should have been back in top gear by the 2nd day after I arrived home. This being nice to me, and taking it easy so my body can do its work is not my style. Do understand if it was my DH who had had the operation, I would have had his butt planted on the sofa and he would not be allowed to over-exert in any way...but this is me we are talking about. (Harfrumph!!!)

OK now that that is out of my system. I have thus far finished one infant sock, my sock #1 of the lace sock pattern that I now love. Tonight I have decided I will start working on my WIP - a lovely (although very plain) knitted sleeveless shell. The yarn is scrumptious, and I really need to finish it so I can a) wear it, and b) start another project (other than my sock #2).

To any and all who might wonder, do your best to keep your gall bladder happy and contented. For when it is not happy it is down-right cantankerous, mean and nasty. So keep to fat to moderation and when it decides to harass you fight back and have it removed. And that my friends comes from an old nurse who hates the thought of being in surgery no matter what the reason. But just this once I was more than happy at the thought of having that little piece of excess baggage removed.

Will try to figure out how to post some pics soon (I hope)

Wednesday, September 06, 2006

I guess I will have some time on my hands

Well, I keep asking for some time on my hands, and now I have it. I will be off my feet for the most part for the next week, and have to be taking it easy for another week after that. Why you may ask???

Gall bladder attack that turned into surgery yesterday afternoon!! DH says I must put an end to the every September surgery thing. He says no more after this. I would agree.

Me who is totally not into hospitals and surgery and such, by 0630 yesterday morning (Tues) I was ready to sprint (not literally cause I was hurting too much) into the operating room to have my gall bladder removed. Pain at a level of 10 out of 10 from Mid-night on was enough to convince me.

I cam home today (Wed) about 1+ hour ago, and here I am. All set up on the couch with my lap top in lap, and water by my side.

So my great expectation is to not only finish the sock I am working on, but to also make her mate over the next week. Who knows I may even pick up my cross stitching again. We shall see.

It is time for some lunch with DH and then off for a nap. More updates to follow.

Tuesday, August 08, 2006

This is Soooooo Me


Which Princess Bride Character are You?
this quiz was made by mysti

What a giggle. Thank You Viv for having this.

Thursday, August 03, 2006

Finished Pair #2

Yep!!! I finally finished pair #2 of socks last night, actually this morning before leaving work. No pics yet, maybe later today after I wake up. Did figure out thought that I knitted the 2nd one looser than the 1st one starting at the Heel Flap. Interestingly enough I noticed that once I started knitting looser my fingers were not constantly going pins and needles on me. I must admit I like the way the tighter knit feels, but I don't like my fingers being all numb on me. What to do, What to do...I guess maybe smaller needles (she mumbles absently to herself )

More later when I am actually awake and conscious and have dealt with a few other life issues that are currently sitting on my plate.

Have a great one!!!!!

Tuesday, August 01, 2006

Back Home from PA

Good Morning All!!! Yep, back home from another adventure filled excursion with the RV. This time after coming back to the RV from a day in Amish Country and lots of good food, we found the awning whipped back over the top of the rig snapped off at the brackets. After much inventive thinking and thank goodness Dad was there and my brother drove over with another ladder and some electrical ties we were able to go to bed for the night. Then it was how do we get this all home. The answer...after talking to the insurance folks and some fellow RV'ers...take pictures and cut the awning off. So we did.
With that all done and taken care of it was a Clam Bake to concentrate on. The family tries to do one every year, lots of clams, fresh corn, beer, hot dogs, watermelon and fun with family and friends.
Did not help my wt reduction, but in the long run I did not do too badly. So now it is back to the daily grind of being at home, laundry to catch up on, work this afternoon and tonight, RV to fix, new lawn to deal with, Rick's ex to deal with (ick ick ick :( )and a really big house to clean.
For those of you who are familiar with the current job situation with Rick, looks like he has but to accept officially the position as a historian for an intelligence wing at Langley AFB. But it is a government job and they can be quite twisty and turny about how things go. You think you have it and then you don't.

Oh btw, am almost finished with sock #2 of the second pair. Really need to get some pictures downloaded.

Have a wonderful day all!!

Thursday, July 20, 2006

Wow!! 4 days off...What will I do???

I have already kind of wasted one of them. But in a good way. Went to my Physical Therapy, and got groceries (lots of fruit and veges). Talked to some friends and started going through some of my paperwork that has been taking over my world. I also spent over an hour trying to make a plane reservation using my 'free' ticket for a trip guessed it!!!! GERMANY!!!!!
My neice is going to be an exchange student in Koeln (Cologne) in the fall. So I will go over and visit my good friend Rachael, and maybe even be able to get together with Viv as well until DH shows 4 days later. Then we will take Holly south to Garmische. We all visited there in 2003 on family vacation and she would like to return.
I must say the free ticket is extrememly expensive time wise. I am so used to making my own arrangements that it was difficult trying to be patient with a real person and getting her to do all the things that I usually do when getting my 'perfect ticket'.

So I guess the next few days will be more organizing, some cleaning, and hopefully some knitting and such. Will be sure to keep you all up to date.

Saturday, July 15, 2006

It Never Fails...

Been home from vacation for two weeks and have just today finally gotten some stuff done here around the house. A bit of cleaning and laundry and totally cleaned and rearranged our master bed room. Let me tell you it was sorely in need of cleaning and clearing out. I must admit though I did not make it into the closet. Maybe tomorrow with that. Tomorrow should be the vacuuming and cleaning of the rest of the house and then maybe a bit of fun stuff like going to the beach. We shall see

I must admit living near the beach (with in 15min drive) is not all it is cracked up to be. When you own a home and live and work in the area, when you finally have some free time, you have to do all the stuff that has to be done around the house instead of going off and having fun. I have decided it is better to visit the beach, you get a lot more enjoyment out of it.

DH and I are now ready to sit and relax a bit and have some dinner. I guess we shall pop in a DVD (maybe Buffy) and just veg a bit.

Catch you all later

Tuesday, July 04, 2006

Ahhh Vacation...

I tell you it is truly amazing what you ca accomplish while on vacation - away from your own home, that is. I have entered quite a few of my loose floss items on my organizational software. If I had known I would get so much done I would have brought more. I do have some of my Cross Stitch patterns with me, so I guess I can work on getting those into the software as well.
I have also made reasonable progress on my knitted top, the one that I was all the way up to the arm-holes (past the decreases and heading into the straight part) when I decided to measure it against a knitted top I already own and saw that it was about 1.5 to 2 inches bigger in width and decided to FROG the whole thing and start over. I must say though I am pretty glad that I did because my tenstion is much better on this try.
We met the lovliest couple while here at the campground, she from Germany and he from the US. Although they only just moved back to the US 3yrs ago after living in Germany for 30yrs. We have had dinner with them (we just happened to have brought brat wurst with us) and then they had us over to make S'Mores over the campfire, so now this evening, we will grill here at our site and enjoy their company one last evening before we pull up stakes and leave tomorrow morning. They have a dog about Misty's age and the two of them love to run and play together.
The down side of vacation is that after spending much time effort and energy on putting his Wed night class presentation together, this morning much to his dismay and consternation Rick's computer has again decided to CRASH. I feel so badly for him. Hopefully when we get home tomorrow he will be able to restore it all in time for class. He did not bring his boot disk with him.
So any way...I hope everyone has a fun and safe 4th of July!!!!

Sunday, July 02, 2006

Believe it or not...I am still here

Yes, I am still around, although life has been quite busy these days. Which leads me to why I am able to post today...I am on vacation!!! 4.5 days of nothing but hanging out at the campground 10miles from anything. So I figured this would be a good time to catch up on my blog.
I am still knitting, and working (at both CWC and my private duty nursing job), and trying to bring a bit of organization into my life. I have even gone so far as to bring some of my organizational tasks here on vacation. You see, when my computer had to be wiped out even though we saved my Needlework Organization software, I had unfortunately not backed up all my progress in someplace save-able. So now I have to start all over again. Some of the project diary parts I will have to come up with from memory. That will be tough.
Anyway, I think I am up for the challenge. I want to know what I have, and what I can maybe sell. I am positive there are things I will either never get to, or have no intention of getting to at this point. So I may as well try to get a bit of my investment back.
Since I am not a big writer, I will close this at this time, and will do my best to keep up a bit better in the future.

Thursday, April 20, 2006

My socks are done!!!

Yes, my socks are finished, I just need to weave in the ends and wash them and block them. My second one is a bit smaller than the first. I thought I needed to knit tighter, but I should have knitted the same as I did the first one. Also the gusset is 5 decreases less than the first one, as I could not figure out how to decrease 10 stitches and still have the nubmer of stitches left that I should.
As soon as I have pictures I will post them.

Sunday, April 16, 2006

Home, Home, Home At Last

Well, we finally made it back to Virginia. It took a bit, and a couple detours, but we are here. "Are you glad to be back home?" people have asked me...well to be quite honest every time I go to Germany it gets harder and harder to leave. Although I must admit it was wonderful to see my parents, my dogs, and my 3 step-sons. By the way I got to see them in that order. Approximately 45min after arriving from PA (to pick up the dogs from my parents) the boys came tumbling in the door for their weekend with us. They just keep growing.
They all loved all their goodies that we brought them, t-shirts from Hard Rock Cafe in Koln (Cologne), Milka and Kinder Schokolade, and Shokolade Hase for Easter.
I am still in the process of trying to get through 1 months worth of mail (which had to be brought home from the Post Office in one of those big white Postal Boxes that they use to sort mail. Yesterday I did all the laundry that was here, and took my turn at the lawn mower. We still have one more round of lawn mowing to do today. I cannot even imagine what things would look like if we had been gone while it was warmer and the grass could grow faster.
As for my knitting and is on hold for the time being. Must get re-organized a bit. I do return to my night shift job tonight, so maybe I will finish my second sock tonight (as long as I stay awake). I must admit after seeing all the wonderful sock yarns in Germany I am quite excited about the socks I will soon have in my possession (hopefully). Plus I have the yarns already purchased for some lovely tops for the spring and summer.
I will try my best to post some pictures as soon as DH gets them to me.
My hope is to do a bit more blogging now that I am home and have the hang of it. Just to keep myself honest Wed (April 19) will be my official Day 1 of re-dedicating myself to me health improvement venture. I just want to be healthier as in exercising more, eating better, and sleeping well. I am so glad summer is on its way since that way there will be alot more fruit and vegetables available.
So, until I catch up again,,, I hope everyone is well, and enjoying a lovely weekend with family and friends, and welcoming in the start of a new season.

Friday, March 24, 2006

Alrighty then....

Well, now that I have finally gotten my settings so that my blog looks like a real person wrote it, now I will do a little catching up.

I am currently at my friend's house in Germany and will keep this short. Rachael has now taught me (in the process there of) to knit socks. So soon I will have photos of that too.

Today, Michael and Rick went to Media Markt and got me an MP3 player so I can listen to German books on disc. So hopefully it will help me with my German. I am really moving into the computer age.

We are off to go celebrate Michael's Birthday with Mexican food.
One last try and then I will give it over to DH

Let us see if now there are spaces in my blog writing

Let's try this again

OK now let's try this whole mess again

Let's see if there are spaces now

Thank You RACHAEL!!!!!!!!

You are my hero!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
Thank You for fixing my composing issue. You are 'the Bomb'

Now there are spaces in my writing.

Wednesday, March 15, 2006

I made it!!!!

Today is the first I have had my house back completely since last Tuesday. We made it through the Retirement, the House Guests, the Open House, and Rick being sick with a really BAD cold (fevers, sinus', the whole deal). I am exhausted, and so is he. We spent most of yesterday at Langley AFB trying to finish his out-processing. So today starts all my catching up here at home. Must admit though that the house looks great. Should stay looking great since the dogs are gone until we come home from Europe, and the kids will be here this weekend, but I will have time to clean up after they leave. So that should translate into coming home to a totally clean house in 4wks.
************I must say I am soooooooooooooooo ready for this vacation. I think there will be quite a bit of just kicking back and kicking around on this trip. Nothing great and spectacular, just regrouping, and getting our minds around the future a bit.
************One of the things we looked at yesterday was an RV that an AF guy is selling because he is PCS-ing to Austrailia! Our timing could be better but not by much, he is getting antsy and is coming down on his price. As long as Rick has a job we can afford to do it. That would be so cool.
*********** Time for me to run away and get some work done...go figure.

Monday, March 06, 2006

OK here are the knitting pics...

Yes, I think I finally have a handle of doing the picture part of this blogging stuff, just can't get the silly paragraph breaks to occure. Will have to see how you have yours set up when I come visit Rachael.

I just love these scarves...they are quick and easy and look so fun.

Then there is the famous "Bucket Cozy"...every bucket should have one!! Soon they will be all the rage.

The felt bag is how they look 'before' felting.

I am currently working on a snuggle shawl, but no pics as it is on round needles and I don't want to take it off. Must say though it is growing by leaps and bounds. One of these days you will have to teach me to make socks Rachael.

Sunday, March 05, 2006

Weekend Update....It has been busy

Here they are...I hope the pictures of the new 'step up Library' in our family room.
My DH did such a great job designing and then building these. We have only partially filled them at this point, as he still has lots of books to bring home from the office post retirement. has been a busy weekend with trying to get the house in order, since it will start filling up on Tues. and then won't empty until next Monday or Tues. Plus Matt brought a cold/crud thing here with him, and Rich caught much the same thing from his girlfriend and her needless to say Mom/Nurse was quite busy for the last 2 days. I am looking forward to work tonight so I can just sit and knit for a while.
I think I will start a new topic to show off my knitting pics as I am not really sure if I can post them on this one too and not mess up the format. I already have difficulty getting my posts to look right. Can't seem to get the paragraph breaks to show up.

Friday, February 24, 2006

OK, maybe not so 'on my feet again'

Well, here I thought I was doing better, but after going to work on Tues and having not one but two co-workers coughing and hacking all over the place, I have now managed to aquire a sore throat/head cold, which is really a pain.

I tried to go to work, today, but was not successful, so I think it is back to bed for me, and then out for Dim Sum with DH and two friends. Guess that means I will be Designated that is anything new.

Maybe even a bit of knitting for me today. That would be nice, especially since lately I am always cold, and I happen to be working on a a nice wooly shawl.

Tuesday, February 21, 2006

Back on my Feet again

Yes, I was a bit under the weather...not so awfully bad though. Enough that as of today I am officially 4lbs lighter. Just could not eat anything. So it was Tea, toast, and water for me. That is ok in a way though, since it has helped me jumpt start back into my Nurtrisystem program. Just so you all know that I am aiming for 20lbs down from where I am as of today (we won't scare you with that number) by my 40th Birthday in Mid May. It is a lofty goal, but I think I am game for it.
Yes, Rachael, there may be some more clothes coming your way with this trip in March....
The Olypics are keeping Rick busy in front of the TV, but he did finish the book shelves, and I have painted the back walls, so as of this afternoon I will begin filling them. Systematically of course:)
My knitting is coming along well, and as long as there is still some of my special yarn from Karstadt to be had, all will be well, if not, then I will tear out what I have and re-approach in a different way.
I really do have photos, but DH has not down-loaded them off the camera yet (wants to wait until I have put some books in the shelves and get pictures of that too), so he says.
Well, I am off to do some book organizing, and shelving.

Saturday, February 11, 2006

And so begin the Olympics...

Well, here we are at the beginning of the Olympics, and I have now undertaken my first reasonably large knitting project -
let's hope I can finish it before the end of the Olympics.
Life has been a bit busy, but I think it will settle for a little while for the next few weeks. Hours at Coldwater Creek are decreasing (apparently this is normal for this time of the year), and that is OK. So I am now back to working 3 nights per week on my private duty case (this means more knitting time).
When chatting with a dear freind of mine we referred to being bitten by the Knitting Beast as having a tryst with the Knitting Gods...oh how right she was. I am sure I will again go back to my old stand-by of Counted Cross day soon. I must admit that making things that are very usable and wearable, and complete-able in short periods of time - in comparison to my BAP's in cross stitch.
We are definitely in the throws of planning Rick's Transitions out of the Air Force after 28yrs. Yes, 28yrs!!! So now he will have to find his way in the civilian world. We have no idea yet what is in store for us. We hope maybe some time in Germany (other than the 30day holiday after his ceremony), or possibly a move to Oklahoma for him to complete his PhD in History, and then there is always the possibility of us staying here in VA while he works with a crew of folks he worked with previously - which would include lots of travel (goody goody). We just have to have faith in what is meant to be and what will be best for both of us, as well as the boys.
As for the boys at this time...Rich has finally gotten a job working as a Waiter at a restaraunt called Smokey Bones (greates BBQ you will ever taste); they are also affiliated with Red Lobster and Olive Garden. Hopefully he is getting his act together for college this coming fall, but who knows. We can only do so much, and since his Mother is not all into him going to college who knows what will really happen.
Josh is doing his Model UN 'thing' this coming week. I really hope he follows his instincts and goes for International Relations and Photography for college. He has grown up so much over the past 2yrs. We are both so proud of him. He has really come into his own and made a spot for himself.
Matt...well he just keeps plugging along. He has now gotten his music composition soft ware and will be busy with that this coming weekend since his brothers won't be around to bother him.

Thanks for listening to my rambling. I guess this blog thing is a good idea. Maybe tomorrow or this coming week I will post pics of my Knitting progress so far.

Friday, February 03, 2006

The Weekend is here

Now that the weekend is almost upon me, I look back and see that I have not gotten much accomplished over the past week. Although, I did manage to work my way into the world of 'blogging', so I guess that is pretty good. I have also been working on my bucket (to be decorated) for work. Will post a picture as soon as I have one to post. I have also been knitting and reading.
I think today will be a house day though, I have already begun the laundry process and am going to tackle emptying and re-organizing my container/storage pantry. If I really make good progress I may even end up doing the food pantry as well. A bit of swiffering, and maybe even a good vacuuming will get done too. Then I can sit down and knit tonight after dinner.
The boys arrive tonight - the younger 2. The older one will arrive sometime tomorrow after the girlfriend's surprise birthday celebration at her grandmother's here in VA Beach.
Preparations are beginning for the whole retirement process (ceremony- party- then travel). Looks like we will be departing for Germany on or about the 19th/20th of March and return home on or about the 13th of April. It will probably be good for me to blog here when things get a bit crazy.

Thursday, February 02, 2006

Well, I have made it to blogging...

Hi All,
I think I have broken into the whole blogging thing, and hope to find my way around over the coming days. I guess it is kind of nice way to keep up on life and let my friends know what is happening in my world.
Life is what you make make it GREAT!!!!