Friday, November 17, 2006

My Day Off Paid Off!!

Hey All, I must say my day OFF was a great 'pay off'. I definitely relaxed more than I have for quite a while, I did some things around the house that helped me feel as if I had accomplished something other than just being an object existing in this space.

It felt good to do some laundry, do some vacuuming, do a bit of plant rearranging (in preparation of the oncoming Christmas Tree), do a bit or sorting and pitching of stuff I don't really need around, and YES even some knitting (both holiday and my own). On top of all that, I took the dogs to get their nails clipped, and spent some quality time with my DH (who managed to come home early from work). So all in all it was a very good day. I may have even regained a bit of peace and serenity.

This morning I actually sat down and took the time to meditate and do a bit of yoga. Of course my poor body/muscles are absolutely clueless as to what I was doing and why would I be doing it. I know they will get used to it again as long as I persevere. I guess maybe having a whole day to just contemplate some things has helped me regain some focus that has disappeared from my life lately.

I must say Thank You to those of you who read this and know that I have been focused on stuff that has only been causing me trouble lately...Thank You for being patient and being gentle with me. I guess that is what friendship is all about.

I have a few things planned for this morning, but then I must return to work. But I will return in a better place

Do take care one and all!!

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