Saturday, May 31, 2008

Just for Ellen....

I will put down my sweater for this weekend... should not be a problem as all of a sudden it has turned to summer in the Tidewater area, which = heat + humidity. Being the green girl that I try to be, I am determined to try to go as long as possible without turning on the AC. With that said, the 100% wool carried with Kid Mohair sweater that is now large enought to have to lay on my lap whilst working it, is not the best option for knitting this weekend.

So, alas I shall commit to spending the weekend working on my Clessidras. That way I should have some serious progress to show Ellen (of Twin Set) by sometime late Monday. Especially since I have a 4-5hr car repair block of time that I will be stranded (cute pun, but no I am not doing stranded knitting) at, and "Oh My Goodness, guess I will have to knit"... at. Actually this will be good practice for the upcoming Olympic Time Trials coming in August. Since I have decided that I will attempt to knit and entire Clessidra sock in 17 days.

My knitting time is generally not consistently intent, so knitting an involved knee sock in 17 days actually will be quite a challenge for me. Especially since by that time I will have started a new job that probably will not allow for as much knitting as my current night shift job does.

Anyway, I am off to spend some time with family and my Clessidra.
Have a GREAT WEEKEND everyone!!

Sunday, May 25, 2008

Here are some Finishes and updates

First we have Rick's Blueberry Waffle Sock (Jawoll Navy Blue). A long BWS I might add. I am soon ready to start .... "The SECOND Sock". I finally figured out a system that works for me. Since I tend to get bored with the sock after finishing the 1st one, I now knit one sock of the pair and then do another pattern, and then a third one. By the time I am done with the 3rd of the 1st socks, I am ready to start the 2nd sock of the 1st pair. Are you all totally confused yet??

So now the next one is my Peaks N Valley's Cuff Sock for me. Again this is the 1st sock of the pair. These are made of Fortissima Cotton, and I love the feel of them and the fit so far.
Next there are the ever growing Clessidras, the first view is of the Back and the second view is of the front. Once I can actually model it, then you can see the decrease bit on the side. Last but not least is the Dashing Diamond Pullover. I am totally hoping this is going to fit. If not, well I will be looking for some lucky recipient. It was getting easier, until today, since I am now at the main 'diamond-y' area, so we shall see.
I hope everyone is having a great weekend, and hopefully I will have more to up date soon. So far we have grilled salmon last night, and the plan is do steak either tonight or tomorrow, not sure yet.

Happy Knitting!!

Thursday, May 22, 2008

So, have I mentioned lately....

.... how absolutely fabulous my Beloved is? If not let me reiterate - RICK IS JUST AMAZING!!!!
Why? you ask. Let me tell you why.
You see Tueday the 20th was my Birthday (42nd to be exact - I'm not shy). My parents were here, I had to work, and then there was Yarn for Supper - 2 (certainly couldn't miss that - even with the wicked rain storms).... but I digress.

About 3wks ago Rick told me to ask off for the both my day shift and my night shift on Wed the 21st. It is to be your birthday surprise. OK, I am fine with not celebrating exactly on the day. So I did not think anything more of it.

Then he told me I needed to get dressed up, not facy schmancy dressed up, but fun dressed up. OK, I am good with that. So yesterday arrives and he comes home early from work (12:45 in the afternoon early). He has apparently already warned my parents that they will not see us until this morning just before they leave to go back home. So off we go....

We get on the freeway (I am thinking Newport News), we get off at NN to put more gas in the tank, and get back on the freeway. So now I am thinking Richmond (the oldest lives there and thought we might be meeting up before going to the symphony or some sort of concert).

We pass Richmond, but don't head toward Washington DC (that is actually a relief since that is a 4+ hr drive), but we head toward Charlottesville (which, oh btw, is a 3hr drive). We pretty much get to C-ville and turn off the freeway, get something to drink and head out into the country. Not only into the country but down a dirt and gravel road. Finally we get to this place and the sign at the bottom of the drive says "Fiber Farm". So I am totally speechless. We get out, and I see sheep, and start heading toward them, and then this lovely woman comes out and asks if we are here for the shop, to which my DH says yes. She tells us she will open it for us. OMG - I was in heaven, she spins, weaves, does felting (wet and needle), the rovings that are in this place are just beautiful (pics to follow), and she has spinning wheels everywhere, and even some small teaching looms. Plus one really large loom that she is weaving linen on for curtains.

So after many questions, stories, and oooo-ing and aaaahhhh-ing she then explains the process of wet felting to me - I am officially hooked. The whole spinning thing has taken on a new allure for me. (be afraid - be very afraid!)
My booty from this stop is as follows:

SO... after the fiber farm... we go into C-ville and find this wonderful little Thai place that serves the best Pad Thai I have had in years!!!! ymmmmmm

We go wandering about in the walking platz area, and then head back to the car. I pretty much know there is something more, but not sure exactly what. We then head into the college (UVA) area. There are scads of folks walking toward something. I then realize they are walking toward the Arena. So as we are trying to park, I see the sign......

WE ARE GOING TO THE EAGLES CONCERT!!!!!!! How totally way cool is that??? I absolutely love the Eagles, a fact that all three of my boys can attest to, as there is almost always an Eagles CD in my car. I have been listening to them since my brother introduced me to them when I was a pre-teen many eons ago.

Can I tell you it was an awesome show. Even though they are all showing their age (aren't we all?), the sound just great. They are one of those bands that sounds the same whether they are in the studio or live on stage, the musicianship was incredible, and the best part, it was SMOKE FREE!!! Anyway, I am still coming down from that. Of course the getting home at 3:30 this morning was pretty painful since the oldest is coming to visit this evening and I have to go to work my night shift.... ouch.

Now not to play favorites, but I must also mention that the boys got my Knitting in the Old Way for my Birthday and my parents got me some lovely plants for the back yard (Mom has a great eye).

That is all for now, as I really need to get a few things done, now that I have caught myself up on Ravelry, and everyone's blogs after having a house full for the last week. There are definitely things that have been let slide. Alas, the fun, excitement, strawberries, jam making, cake making, and overall joy of it, is definitely worth it. I promise to post update pics of knitting soon.