Saturday, May 31, 2008

Just for Ellen....

I will put down my sweater for this weekend... should not be a problem as all of a sudden it has turned to summer in the Tidewater area, which = heat + humidity. Being the green girl that I try to be, I am determined to try to go as long as possible without turning on the AC. With that said, the 100% wool carried with Kid Mohair sweater that is now large enought to have to lay on my lap whilst working it, is not the best option for knitting this weekend.

So, alas I shall commit to spending the weekend working on my Clessidras. That way I should have some serious progress to show Ellen (of Twin Set) by sometime late Monday. Especially since I have a 4-5hr car repair block of time that I will be stranded (cute pun, but no I am not doing stranded knitting) at, and "Oh My Goodness, guess I will have to knit"... at. Actually this will be good practice for the upcoming Olympic Time Trials coming in August. Since I have decided that I will attempt to knit and entire Clessidra sock in 17 days.

My knitting time is generally not consistently intent, so knitting an involved knee sock in 17 days actually will be quite a challenge for me. Especially since by that time I will have started a new job that probably will not allow for as much knitting as my current night shift job does.

Anyway, I am off to spend some time with family and my Clessidra.
Have a GREAT WEEKEND everyone!!


Suzanne said...

Gal, it's DEFINITELY a/c time here!! LOL Suz

Janey said...

You make sure YOU enjoy your weekend of family and knitting too!