Thursday, September 21, 2006

He's Back at Work

Yes, my DH has finally made it back into the world of the working stiff. Although this time it is as a civilian. A bit different for him. Me I am enjoying the return of quiet time (more or less) at home on my own. Of course right now is quite hectic as I am trying to get everything ready for me to be gone for almost 3weeks, plus work, and so on.

I have been knitting and working on mini socks for my 6month old niece, as well as drooling over yarn and patterns and such. I really must do something about selling off some of my cross stitch stash. But that won't happen until after I return from Germany.

Speaking of Germany, I am so looking forward to my trip. I will arrive into Amsterdam and meet up with my Dear Friend Rachael and we will do the 'Girl Thing' for about 3 days, and then I will return with her to her home and we will continue to do the 'girl thing' but in familiar surroundings. Am hoping to get the chance to get together with my other Friend Viv and maybe have a sit and knit one day. Then Rick will arrive and we will go to Cologne on Sat and meet up with my 19yr old niece who is an exchange student right now, and then take off for Southern Bavaria to re-visit some places we all saw when on big family vacation in 2003 (and yes for those of my European friends, that would be during the nasty heat wave of 03). Then it is back to Cologne and then on home to VA.

I am looking forward to good Friends, lots of walking, adventures and of course really great food.

Since Rick's computer is officially now 'a boat anchor', maybe I can get him to teach me how to plug in the camera and load pics to my computer. Unfortunately my puter is again showing signs of being schizoid. While I love computers for how they can keep us all connected, some times they make me wild crazy with how much time they suck up when they are not feeling well.

I will try to do some Blogging while away, we shall see. If not, see you all when I get back. BTW...I have pretty much healed up since surgery, just a bit of energy issues still remaining. Hopefully by the time I come home all will be back to normal.

Sunday, September 10, 2006

Can you spell NO Patience!!!

Yes!! I admit it...all those instructions that I used to give my surgical patients about taking it easy and giving your body a chance to heal... it was for them, not me!!! I am different. I should have been back in top gear by the 2nd day after I arrived home. This being nice to me, and taking it easy so my body can do its work is not my style. Do understand if it was my DH who had had the operation, I would have had his butt planted on the sofa and he would not be allowed to over-exert in any way...but this is me we are talking about. (Harfrumph!!!)

OK now that that is out of my system. I have thus far finished one infant sock, my sock #1 of the lace sock pattern that I now love. Tonight I have decided I will start working on my WIP - a lovely (although very plain) knitted sleeveless shell. The yarn is scrumptious, and I really need to finish it so I can a) wear it, and b) start another project (other than my sock #2).

To any and all who might wonder, do your best to keep your gall bladder happy and contented. For when it is not happy it is down-right cantankerous, mean and nasty. So keep to fat to moderation and when it decides to harass you fight back and have it removed. And that my friends comes from an old nurse who hates the thought of being in surgery no matter what the reason. But just this once I was more than happy at the thought of having that little piece of excess baggage removed.

Will try to figure out how to post some pics soon (I hope)

Wednesday, September 06, 2006

I guess I will have some time on my hands

Well, I keep asking for some time on my hands, and now I have it. I will be off my feet for the most part for the next week, and have to be taking it easy for another week after that. Why you may ask???

Gall bladder attack that turned into surgery yesterday afternoon!! DH says I must put an end to the every September surgery thing. He says no more after this. I would agree.

Me who is totally not into hospitals and surgery and such, by 0630 yesterday morning (Tues) I was ready to sprint (not literally cause I was hurting too much) into the operating room to have my gall bladder removed. Pain at a level of 10 out of 10 from Mid-night on was enough to convince me.

I cam home today (Wed) about 1+ hour ago, and here I am. All set up on the couch with my lap top in lap, and water by my side.

So my great expectation is to not only finish the sock I am working on, but to also make her mate over the next week. Who knows I may even pick up my cross stitching again. We shall see.

It is time for some lunch with DH and then off for a nap. More updates to follow.