Monday, March 30, 2009

Back to the Grindstone

Thank You ALL for your thoughts and prayers and wishes. It is comforting to know that there are those out there for us. It has been a long week, and very exhausting (fast turn around flight from VA to CA and lots of work done while there). Now Rick's Mom is back in their house and the challenges in many ways, are just beginning for her.

For us, we arrived back home in time to pick up M and spend some time with him (had not seen him in a month), and attend an absolutely fantastic concert that he worked very hard toward. He is part of the Virginia Youth Symphony Orchestra (VYSO), and what a great job the whole orchestra did.

Today it is time to get back on the treadmill, back to the laundry room, and back to work - not necessarily in that order. Knitting has been coming along, and soon there will be some pics to show progress. Hoping to get back into the swing of blogging, and knitting, and so on.

See Ya'll Soon.

Sunday, March 22, 2009

I am at an odd spot

I guess this is probably the best place to come to be when you are at an odd spot.

We just found out last evening that my FIL passed away. While he has in many ways not really been with us for awhile (dimentia/alzheimer-ish type syndrome), it still is leaving an empty spot inside right now. You see I was lucky enough to have him be really sweet on me. My Beloved's former wife and he could not have been on more opposite ends of anything. Neither one liked the other...period - dot . But he and I really hit it off from the very beginning and it only got better from there. We were able to create for him something that he decided he held very dear - a sense of FAMILY. He let us know each year from the very first one that we were married, that he was so happy to come and spend time with his son and his grandsons, and me and also my parents. I would let him sample all the cookies when they came fresh out of the oven... he was the official tester for several years. When his health failed to the point where they were no longer able to travel to us for the holidays I felt like a bit of something was missing. Don't get me wrong - having your MIL & FIL arrive on Dec 17th and depart on Jan 7th, was not always a picnic. Yes, they stayed here in our house, and did not have a car or the security to borrow ours... so there were definitely challenges. I did not always agree with the way they handled things with the boys, or the things they felt were perfectly acceptable (which were totally not to me).... but for him there was always a soft spot - an extra hug, a smile, a thank you.

Over the last few years he has gradually slipped away, and I have watched my Beloved shed tears over missing his Pop even though he was still here in body, and sometimes spirit... but I guess now is my turn... The Bear, The Man, Pop.... that is what he was to his children - often stern, hard, and down right cantankerous, over bearing, and short.... but to me, for the most part, he was Dick, more like a Teddy Bear, polite, appreciative, helpful, and grateful. I guess in some ways I am the lucky one. I knew a side of The Man, not many others got to see. For that I am grateful, I am glad he crossed my path, and that of his son (my Beloved), and his grandsons. I think they all learned alot of good lessons from him. I hope they will hold those lessons close to their hearts for many years to come - especially when and if the boys have their own children.

Thank You for raising a son who means the world to me, and who I could not imagine life without. I wish you grace, and rest, and peace.....

Thursday, March 05, 2009

Please don't ever let me....

....pick up another skein of super bulky baby yarn. This stuff was just a brute to deal with. The best part is IT IS DONE!!!!!!Just for a bit of reference, this is Megan's Blanket: both are kind of late, but in the Griset clan that is the norm (thank goodness).
The good thing is, these two are getting packed into Rick's suitcase and will be winging their way to their new owners tomorrow afternoon. I, on the other hand, will be having a nice, relatively quiet weekend on my own....woooo hoooo.

I am thinking knit, finish watching the movie The Fountain, knit, maybe park in front of Hulu and knit while watching some Highlander episodes, oh, and I guess I will feed the dogs, and work my scheduled shifts as well. :)

Soon there will be pics of my Flirty Tank that I have cast on. I hope it goes quickly as I really want to have something to wear in the warm weather that I have made. Plus I need to make the 2nd Bamboo Monkey, and maybe even try to work on my Diamonds Are A Girl's Best Friend (lace shawl started years ago).

OH and yes!!! We did have "snow" and it did stay for 2 days. I was in my glory. At this point I will take what I can get... beggars can't be choosers. :)