Tuesday, July 31, 2007

Progress Pics....Finally

Yes, it took me forever to finally do these, but here they are.

First we have the completed, yes I said completed baby sweater for my great nephew Nicholas. My dear friend Romelda helped me figure out what to do for the fastenings, and I love the way it turned out.

Next in line we have the aformentioned Lace project. No, it really is not a circular shawl, but it is currently at a spot where both needles are involved, and since it takes approx 20min to knit a row I decided to just go ahead and take the pic. I must admit I am happy with the way it is turning out and am looking forward to finishing it. Good thing I have some travel time coming up in the near future.
Here we have the previously pictured BFL (in colorway Neopolitan) socks. I have not made much progress, since I have been spending lots of time on the above project. I think these are going to be some pretty neat socks and am looking forward to keeping them for myself.
....and finally - last but certainly not least The Monkey KAL socks. This the pair I decided to try to knit from one skein of Lorna's Laces. The plan is they will be, as Hope called them, Mini Monkey's done my way.
I do hope all is well with everyone, and that the summer knitting is going great. Life has been quite busy and will continue as such until we get the older 2 off to college, and settle in to our Fall routine. At that point the next Big Project will get under-way...Rick's Cardigan. Oh Boy!

Catch you all soon

Sunday, July 22, 2007

I've Made Nice w/ My Lace Knitting

So after one last attempt (and no further Nutella bread, I might add), I did get that one row to work, and was able to do 2 more rows, before I needed to stop and do laundry, get on the treadmill, and make luch.

Here is EI, (plus Misty's head) thus far:
Here is the pic of the sock I am knitting from the Blue Face Leicester yarn my Wonderful SP - CJ hand dyed and sent me during SP 10.

She has her own Etsy shop as well. Which can be found by checking out her blog in my side bar called "The Jolly Ewe".
Silly me, I was trying to save paper and only copied what I needed of the free pattern that I decided to use, EXCEPT - I forgot to get the NAME of the pattern. Will work on that soon, but not today. Hope you like how the pattern looks, it took a bit of fussing to find just the right pattern for this yarn, but I think I nailed it on the head.

So I am off to go continue to make nice with my Lace Shawl, the laundry, and what ever other little bits still need to be done on this lovely Sunday afternoon.
P.S. CJ, you made SP10 so nice for me, I have decided to try it again with SP11. I hope all is well with you guys out there, sorry we couldn't put it together to meet during my short stay in CA. Maybe next time.

oooooooooo Lace Knitting

OK I really love how my lace knitting looks when it works. But at this particular moment in time I am ready to tink it all and start over. Problem is, I am hoping to have this piece done by the time I go to AZ on the 14th of Aug.
I have just spent the last hour knitting and tinking, and knitting and tinking the SAME FLIPPING ROW. Arrrrrrrggggghhhhh
Breathe once
Breath twice

Now, maybe I can go back and out of sheer tenacity redo it ONE MORE TIME WITH FEELING, and have it come out correct.

Commen sense says pick up a pair of socks and work on them for a while, but I am Taurus through and through, so therefore stubborn as the day is long. But my Gemini side must be showing through else I would not have put it down and moved to the computer (after said hour plus of frustration).

I think too, I shall go have another slice of Nutella bread.

See you all soon and hope u are having a great weekend.

Monday, July 16, 2007

No Pics, but at least some updates -

Sorry Everyone, no pics, as my DH has not cleared the camera of his research photos, and therefore I cannot take pics of my WIPs, but I can update you on what all has been happening.

My trip to CA was lovely, and relaxing, and I got a fair about of knitting done, lots of laughing with my girl-friend, and some enlightening time with my DH. Rick took us through the neighborhoods of his childhood (up through age 9), he showed us the houses he lived in and the areas he rode his bike in, and even where he went to school. It was really neat. Leave it to a Historian to have an exact memory of all of these details even after having not been there for 40yrs.

If ever you want a real get-a-way, go to Jackson, CA. It is in the middle of NOWHERE, but there is this Awesome B&B run by a Massage Therapist who cooks all organic breakfast and finds the most wonderful fruits and will go to most any length to accomodate you and your needs to the best of her ability.

By the way ther is a Rockin' Yarn/Bead/Notions store in Jackson. This woman stocks Louette Gems yarn by the shelf full. BUT I will warn you most everything is only open Thurs thru Sun for eating and Wed thru Sun for everything else. Except of course the Indian Tribe Casino, which thank goodness is open all the time and has their own back up generator - as the power went out all over town, and they were the only place to get dinner.

I got lots of work done on my shawl, in fact finished chart 3 and moved onto chart 4. I will take a pic as soon as Rick clears the camera, and I also cast on the socks that I am making with my SP10's hand dyed Blue Faced Leicester yarn. I know she will want to see these, but again, must wait for DH to do his thing. I really think he is contemplating getting me my own little camera just for taking pics of my knitting and such. (not such a bad idea methinks) :)

I have just joined in with my Meetup Groups KAL. We are doing Monkey Socks. I am sure it will be quite fun. I also realized that I must finish making I-cord for my little sweater as that needs to be given to it's recipient in a few weeks when I go to PA to visit family. Maybe it is a good thing that I have not yet gotten my invite to Ravelry. I have too much that needs to be completed. Guess I best get to it.

Anyway, I do hope you are all well, and knitting like crazy.

Saturday, July 07, 2007

Just a couple of things before I go....

So here's the deal - I get to go visit my dear friend from Germany..... in California. Are you confused yet? Rachael is visiting her family for the summer in CA - I am "accompanying my DH on a business trip" (it is just that I won't see him very much). We are flying on different flights, staying in different places, but will have dinner together on Sunday and then spend the night together on Thurs in preparation for our separate flights back to VA Beach on Friday. The really good part is I get to visit with Rachael and have some girl time, as well as down time (I am sure that will translate into lots of Knitting Time).

BUT... before I go here are the long ago promised pics of the finished Monkey socks. I love them, and am looking forward to making a pair for myself. The reason for the close up of the toe is to show how I decreased the pattern to the middle top of the foot before starting the toe decrease. Plus I changed the heel to an Eye of Partridge heel (I just like them best). I do have a bit a creativity running around, just not a whole lot. I really hope my SP likes her new personalized Monkey Socks.

Well, I am off to CA until next weekend, but will return in time for my monthly Saturday Knitting Meetup. I should have some great pics when I return, I hope.
Take Care All

Tuesday, July 03, 2007

While the camera is recharging....

....Let me share with you a couple pics I was able to get off the camera before it said "no more"

First there is graduation (yes finally here are the promised pics from a few weeks ago).
First we have Josh and his brothers Rich (right) and Matt (left). Rich is currently on an archeological dig near Jerusalem - at last email he had been swimming in the Dead Sea, and still thoroughly enjoying digging every day. Matt is currently enrolled in the summer intensive arts program through Woodside HS (where they have all gone to hs).
Next we have Josh and Rick and I

Finally we have Josh and my parents - who came down from PA to see him graduate just 2 days after their other grandson graduated. They now officially have 5 grandchildren in college (with only 3 more to go)

It has been a tough year for Josh, but now he is finally on his way. The next step is off to George Mason University in the fall to major in International Government / Global Affairs.
I promise as soon as the camera recharges its battery I will post pics of the Monkey socks I sent to my SP, and even a pic of the newly started Lace Shawl.