Monday, July 16, 2007

No Pics, but at least some updates -

Sorry Everyone, no pics, as my DH has not cleared the camera of his research photos, and therefore I cannot take pics of my WIPs, but I can update you on what all has been happening.

My trip to CA was lovely, and relaxing, and I got a fair about of knitting done, lots of laughing with my girl-friend, and some enlightening time with my DH. Rick took us through the neighborhoods of his childhood (up through age 9), he showed us the houses he lived in and the areas he rode his bike in, and even where he went to school. It was really neat. Leave it to a Historian to have an exact memory of all of these details even after having not been there for 40yrs.

If ever you want a real get-a-way, go to Jackson, CA. It is in the middle of NOWHERE, but there is this Awesome B&B run by a Massage Therapist who cooks all organic breakfast and finds the most wonderful fruits and will go to most any length to accomodate you and your needs to the best of her ability.

By the way ther is a Rockin' Yarn/Bead/Notions store in Jackson. This woman stocks Louette Gems yarn by the shelf full. BUT I will warn you most everything is only open Thurs thru Sun for eating and Wed thru Sun for everything else. Except of course the Indian Tribe Casino, which thank goodness is open all the time and has their own back up generator - as the power went out all over town, and they were the only place to get dinner.

I got lots of work done on my shawl, in fact finished chart 3 and moved onto chart 4. I will take a pic as soon as Rick clears the camera, and I also cast on the socks that I am making with my SP10's hand dyed Blue Faced Leicester yarn. I know she will want to see these, but again, must wait for DH to do his thing. I really think he is contemplating getting me my own little camera just for taking pics of my knitting and such. (not such a bad idea methinks) :)

I have just joined in with my Meetup Groups KAL. We are doing Monkey Socks. I am sure it will be quite fun. I also realized that I must finish making I-cord for my little sweater as that needs to be given to it's recipient in a few weeks when I go to PA to visit family. Maybe it is a good thing that I have not yet gotten my invite to Ravelry. I have too much that needs to be completed. Guess I best get to it.

Anyway, I do hope you are all well, and knitting like crazy.


Queue said...

go check out - they have a new "invite checker;" it can tell you where you are in line and I think it can even send your invite again

Queue said...

Oddly enough - in his never ending effort to find a hobby he likes that he can do while we're in the apartment (so not woodworking, or farming, or metal craft) - he's started knitting a log cabin blanket, and it seems to be going pretty well. I don't know if he'll come again, he wanted to check out Daily Grind's coffee and wasn't too impressed (he's really picky), but he might come sometime.