Monday, August 25, 2008

OK, maybe I should be afraid...

I have mentioned previously that I knit dishcloths while walking on the treadmill at 3.2mph. Well, today I tried something new, I was knitting on my Peaks n Valleys socks while walking 3.1mph. Granted I was knitting on the gusset and it is just a plain old knitted foot (on 2.5mm needles), but I felt pretty good about not dropping any needles and still keeping my stride.

So far I have been maintaining most every day on the treadmill. I am now up to 45min and 35min of that is spent at my 'fat burning heart rate'. Although, I must admit, I find that when I am consistent with walking, the scale tends to go up instead of down. I am not sure I understand that, but I am hoping it will soon start going the other way.

I guess that means I need to CO Rick's other Blueberry Waffle Sock, and I also need to start working on my Diamond Sweater. I can honestly say that making the clogs during the Olympics really helped boost my determination to finish these other projects. It also told me that I am quite capable of casting on and completing a project in a reasonable amount of time. Then again I did have some car time.

Future projects for travel to include finishing my Lace Shawl, and making clogs for each of my parents, and possibly even re-working the cable cardigan for Rick. I am just not happy with it, and I am feeling more brave about starting over and making some of my own adjustments.

Life as a travel widow (he is currently in Korea then onto Hawaii) is settling into a routine of knitting, ceiling preparation for painting, and working extra shifts to hopefully get a bit ahead in the $ department. While I Love Him dearly, I must admit that I do enjoy being here in the house on my own (well sort of on my own, I do have the girls to keep me company). Since I am the only one in the house these days they seem to follow my EVERY move.

Hope everyone is well, and....
Ellen - I love the look of the Bohus
Rachael - I am off to watch some Buffy
Jessica - When are you coming over to visit my stash?

btw- not only did the clogs change feet after felting but the ankles got bigger with felting and they also got closer to the camera - not sure how that happened.

Friday, August 22, 2008

Just a quick pic update

Hey all!! I have heard from some of you that the pics are not visible in my last post... they are clear as day here on my computer, but now that Rick is back home (for 63hrs) I have absconded with the camera for a quick edit to my blog pics of the clogs.
Here they are in comparison to the pre knitted size as well:

OK, so Blogger is being a total goober and won't let me put these just where I want them, and in the order I want them, so here they are and I have no more patience..... ha-frumph!!!

Oh BTW I am still working on my other Peaks n Valleys sock, but last night I had to frog a reasonable amount in that I realized I had only knit 1/2 of the heel flap and then proceeded to turn the heel and do the gussets. The sock just didn't look right and I couldn't figure out why. Suffice it to say, that I really should not be doing anything that requires counting while at Yarn for Supper :)

PS Having just posted this blog, blogger decided to post my pics right where I wanted them... go figure!

Wednesday, August 20, 2008

...and the Gold Medal Goes to,....

KNITSTX!!!!!! yeahhhhh!!!!! Yes folks Knitstx has managed to not only commit to this event, but she has also followed through beautifully.... the knitting, the felting, the shaping.... the medal is hers until the slippers wear out.
She never could have done it without the faith, and prodding from her Gold Medal Companion JANEKNITTER!!!!! Way to go JaneKnitter!!! Although the photo finish needs a bit of updating as there is a better shot of JaneKnitter's Clogs.
So - how does it feel??? It feels great to have made it through and to have a great project completed - now all I need is for the weather to cool down and my feet to get cold and I will be set.
Seriously though, I think I will be making at least 2 more pairs of these for my Mom & Dad. Since I have already been told they are planning to keep their house up in Northeast PA colder this year due to heating oil prices. That and we keep inviting them here to "house sit and watch the girls for us". It is a sneaky way to get them to come south where it isn't quite so cold.

Now I am working on my sock #2 of the Peaks n Valleys Cuff sock. I am going to try to finish that before the end of the Olympics as well. No one will be able to stand me if I complete that one as well. :)

Sunday, August 17, 2008

My Olympic Clogs - Round 1

So, here they are.... my Ravlympic Felted Clogs... BEFORE felting.

I have great faith in the felting process and am totally looking forward to felting these up really soon.

Although I did run out of the solid color yarn, mainly because I had to hold 3 strands together to get the proper gauge. So I subbed in a color that was really close, and after all, it will be on the very bottom, and not many folks will get to see that part.

Also here are the completed Clessidras - sans the changes to one of them from the heel flap down. I hope to do that soon, but not yet. If any of you are wondering, yes, that is me doing my best imitation of 5th Position in basic ballet. These 'old' joints no longer seem to want to do the turn out like they used to. I also think the fullness of my calf distorts the back panel and so you can't see the mock "laced look" in the photos. In real life it is much easier to see.

So Ellen when will you start yours??? :)

Friday, August 08, 2008

The Olympics have begun

Yep, I did cast on my Ravlympic project. They will be felted house clogs. Using Paton's purple and a multicolor that I cannot think of the name of at the moment. I am currently on holiday at my parents house in PA and will keep trying to work on my project as I can.

It is lovely here in PA, nice and cool, with continuous breezes.... I really miss this kind of weather, and being able to eat out on the back deck, and not just sweat simply because I am outside. One of these days I will be back in this type of weather... Germany perhaps.

As soon as I can get photos loaded onto the computer I will post progress of my project.

OH and BTW... Clessidra #2 is completed. Although I made some changes and will be frogging the toe to the bottom of the heel flap of #1, but not right now.

Yes, Mari, when it is all done we will have to have another Meet Up at my house. Then again when I complete the dinning room. :)