Friday, August 08, 2008

The Olympics have begun

Yep, I did cast on my Ravlympic project. They will be felted house clogs. Using Paton's purple and a multicolor that I cannot think of the name of at the moment. I am currently on holiday at my parents house in PA and will keep trying to work on my project as I can.

It is lovely here in PA, nice and cool, with continuous breezes.... I really miss this kind of weather, and being able to eat out on the back deck, and not just sweat simply because I am outside. One of these days I will be back in this type of weather... Germany perhaps.

As soon as I can get photos loaded onto the computer I will post progress of my project.

OH and BTW... Clessidra #2 is completed. Although I made some changes and will be frogging the toe to the bottom of the heel flap of #1, but not right now.

Yes, Mari, when it is all done we will have to have another Meet Up at my house. Then again when I complete the dinning room. :)

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twinsetellen said...

Good to see a post. And congrats on the Clessidras, even if they need some tweaking. Enjoy your break!