Wednesday, August 20, 2008

...and the Gold Medal Goes to,....

KNITSTX!!!!!! yeahhhhh!!!!! Yes folks Knitstx has managed to not only commit to this event, but she has also followed through beautifully.... the knitting, the felting, the shaping.... the medal is hers until the slippers wear out.
She never could have done it without the faith, and prodding from her Gold Medal Companion JANEKNITTER!!!!! Way to go JaneKnitter!!! Although the photo finish needs a bit of updating as there is a better shot of JaneKnitter's Clogs.
So - how does it feel??? It feels great to have made it through and to have a great project completed - now all I need is for the weather to cool down and my feet to get cold and I will be set.
Seriously though, I think I will be making at least 2 more pairs of these for my Mom & Dad. Since I have already been told they are planning to keep their house up in Northeast PA colder this year due to heating oil prices. That and we keep inviting them here to "house sit and watch the girls for us". It is a sneaky way to get them to come south where it isn't quite so cold.

Now I am working on my sock #2 of the Peaks n Valleys Cuff sock. I am going to try to finish that before the end of the Olympics as well. No one will be able to stand me if I complete that one as well. :)

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Mary in VA said...

Way to go on finishing the slippers! And you have 4+ days to go, you can finish those socks!