Wednesday, February 13, 2008

"On the road again...."

Yep, that is me. "...on the road again", or should I say "in the air again"?

Tomorrow Rick and I are off to spend a week with some friends. A much needed escape for both of us. Mom & Dad are here in VA to watch the Girlz while we are gone, and soak up some more reasonable temps than they can get in Northeast PA.

No real progress on the knitting front that is picture worthy. I am working on Rick's sleeves, and then only the little bit that remains of the Right front. Then there will be the other "I Did It" sock. I will also take some yarn for another pair of socks Rick, and maybe even another pair for me. That should keep me plenty busy.

Take Care Everyone, and we will catch you when we get back.

Thursday, February 07, 2008

Yeah, another FO; Booo another Frog

Since I don't have the camera back yet, imagine the mirror image of the glove pic below......

Are you imagining????

Well that would be the pair of "plain black gloves" for Rich. They are currently completing their dry time on the dinning room table. Then hopefully later this afternoon, they will get packaged up and sent to Richmond - you know, where they might have slightly colder temps than, say, 80 degrees on the 6th of FEB!!!! Come on people, it is winter, it is at least suppose to be chilly. But, no, I had the windows open yesterday, and the heat has not cycled on for almost 3 days.


Now, onto the Frog...
I was working on the sleeves to Ricks cardigan last night at work (where I managed to realize that I can knit both in the dark and with my eyes closed - as long as both the needles and the yarn are big enough for me to feel the difference in the stitches), and while working on it, I realized that I have put it down, and picked it up numerous times, and each time I have changed the way I handled the selvege/edge stitch (ie, that which will need to be seamed).
So, needless to say, once the power came back on, and I could REALLY see the edges - I most definitely heard the faint sound of "rip-it; rip-it and then it steadily grew louder: RIP-IT RIP-IT", so I followed what the sound said, and I frogged. The plus side of this, is, I have also decided that I am going to knit both sleeves at the same time on the same circ needle. I think this time I shall write down how I am handling the selvege stitch (what a concept - yes, Rachael, I hear you)

More soon.

Monday, February 04, 2008


Yep, you read that right, I 'totally' scored yesterday on the Bay of Evil - I was desperate and a bit whiney (this was before going out to do the Super Bowl Sale Crawl). I wanted a pair of 'see through' shoes to show off my hand made socks! and I wanted them NOW!

So off I went to the E-vil Bay site and went looking and this is what I found:
I am so totally excited, because not only did I find them, but there was only 4hrs left on the auction and NO ONE had bid on them. So, I placed my bid, went off LYS crawling, and came home to find that I WON THEM!!!!! The best part is, I paid less than I typically would for a regular pair of shoes.
Now, while I am totally a 'clog' person, I have yet to find clear clogs that I like, and that seem like they would be even remotely comfy for extended periods. So I figure this is the next best thing.

Sunday, February 03, 2008

The Sound of 1 Black Glove Clapping

Yep, here it is....Rich's Glove

here it is in all it's 'plain black stockinette stitch glory'. Yes, #2 is on its way. If I am lucky it will be done in the next few hours. That is unless I get tired of the 'fiddliness' of knitting the fingers.

I must then move on to Rick's sweater. A)I really want to have it done for him, and B) Having just returned from a "Super Bowl Sunday LYS crawl" with my Dear Friend Romelda... well, let's just say, this was my first and unless I make some serious progress over the coming months it may be until next year's Super Bowl until I can do it again.

I scored some really great Stash Enhancement, which, considering I am supposedly on a 'yarn diet' might not be as great as it seemed. I got some wonderful yarn for making some felted house clogs (which Romelda and I are going to both make), and the yarn for a sweater I found in a magazine from 2004 - this I can justify because DH said he like both the sweater and the color - so, I got the same color that is in the picture. It is OK, since he said he liked both (well justified?? Right?). Then I got some Regia Bamboo that was just asking to be purchased, and one skein of really pretty Cascade Yarns Jewel Hand Dyed. This will become mittens for Me.

Unfortunately because the camera left with DH at 0645 this morning, I cannot post pics of any of my scores. At least not now. I did warn DH that since he was leaving on Super Bowl Sunday that there was no one home to prevent me from hitting the Sales. He said I should have mentioned this 'before' he arranged his tickets for this trip. :) Ooops my bad...

I think the rest of the day will be quiet knitting and knitting while watching some Buffy - at least until the Game is over and I can watch a brand new episode of House.

Saturday, February 02, 2008

Some Update Pics

Guess What?? I knit a little something other than a glove... of course I started it back at the end of Nov. I finished it on our recent expedition to CA to check out colleges for my youngest (he's finishing his sophmore yr in hs... I can't hardly believe it!!).

Anyway... here my completed 'I Did It' sock using Regia Kaffe Fassett. I will be very interested to see how the yarn feels after being washed. It has an unusual feel to it right now.

As soon as I finish weaving in all my ends I will post Rich's glove. It is so exciting, plain black knitted glove... oh boy, don't know if I can handle the excitement.

I am hoping to get a bunch of knitting accomplished in the next few days, as I will be a bachelorette from 6:45 tomorrow morning until 5:30 Thurs evening. Who knows, maybe I will have Rick's sweater completed for when he returns.