Thursday, February 07, 2008

Yeah, another FO; Booo another Frog

Since I don't have the camera back yet, imagine the mirror image of the glove pic below......

Are you imagining????

Well that would be the pair of "plain black gloves" for Rich. They are currently completing their dry time on the dinning room table. Then hopefully later this afternoon, they will get packaged up and sent to Richmond - you know, where they might have slightly colder temps than, say, 80 degrees on the 6th of FEB!!!! Come on people, it is winter, it is at least suppose to be chilly. But, no, I had the windows open yesterday, and the heat has not cycled on for almost 3 days.


Now, onto the Frog...
I was working on the sleeves to Ricks cardigan last night at work (where I managed to realize that I can knit both in the dark and with my eyes closed - as long as both the needles and the yarn are big enough for me to feel the difference in the stitches), and while working on it, I realized that I have put it down, and picked it up numerous times, and each time I have changed the way I handled the selvege/edge stitch (ie, that which will need to be seamed).
So, needless to say, once the power came back on, and I could REALLY see the edges - I most definitely heard the faint sound of "rip-it; rip-it and then it steadily grew louder: RIP-IT RIP-IT", so I followed what the sound said, and I frogged. The plus side of this, is, I have also decided that I am going to knit both sleeves at the same time on the same circ needle. I think this time I shall write down how I am handling the selvege stitch (what a concept - yes, Rachael, I hear you)

More soon.

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