Monday, February 04, 2008


Yep, you read that right, I 'totally' scored yesterday on the Bay of Evil - I was desperate and a bit whiney (this was before going out to do the Super Bowl Sale Crawl). I wanted a pair of 'see through' shoes to show off my hand made socks! and I wanted them NOW!

So off I went to the E-vil Bay site and went looking and this is what I found:
I am so totally excited, because not only did I find them, but there was only 4hrs left on the auction and NO ONE had bid on them. So, I placed my bid, went off LYS crawling, and came home to find that I WON THEM!!!!! The best part is, I paid less than I typically would for a regular pair of shoes.
Now, while I am totally a 'clog' person, I have yet to find clear clogs that I like, and that seem like they would be even remotely comfy for extended periods. So I figure this is the next best thing.


Jen said...

AAuugh! How cool are they!!

Erin C said...

So THAT's what all the "clear shoes" business was on the YFB message board. I couldn't figure that out.