Thursday, January 29, 2009

I just couldn't help myself

Last night at Yarn for Supper (which was totally awesome because we had the coffee shop just for us as a private party - more about that later) I did a swatch for a Cross Over Scarf using Lang Mille Colori color 0066 (I think). Yeah, you heard me, "I" actually did a swatch and yes, it was for a Scarf. Go Figure!!! One of these days I might even do a real one for an item of clothing.

Anyway, then while I was at my private duty night shift I cast on said scarf (3 times). Now I think it is working. It certainly is quite fiddly. I am sure once I really get into the swing of it, it will go much more easily. I love the colors they are perfect. No, I did not do the soles for Matt's felted clogs. I just wasn't in that spot. Maybe tonight.

As soon as I have something worth taking a picture of, I will and you can all see my Cross Over Scarf.

Oh, as for felted clogs, I think I realize now why the soles didn't come out like I thought they should... I forgot to put the running stitch down the middle to help hold the 2 soles together during felting. I was impatient... to those of you who know me well, this comes as no surprise to you. Otherwise, I think the felting also was not quite what I thought it should be, because (let's hear the refrain...) I was impatient. There is definitely a theme here. Next time should be much better. I have vowed I will be patient (fat chance - as my DH would say)

Wednesday, January 28, 2009

Finally Finished

Yep, I finally finished Rick's socks. Yaaaayy. It only took me 10months. Of course there were other projects in there as well. Christmas projects, socks for me, socks that ended up being for Mom, and of course "the lost BSJ".

Unfortunately the pics I took last night did not turn out well, and Rick wore the socks to work this morning. So I guess the pics will have to come after I wash them.

Now I need to finish Matt's felted clogs, and then I can make at least one of the Cross Over Scarves that I plan to do. Then I think it will be on to a Flirty Tank for Me for the summer, and also to finish my other Bamboo Monkey sock.

Other wise, I am finally finished with my cold. I am keeping up on my 50mpm commitment. Two weeks so far. I have been working more at the store than I thought I would, but I will take it while it is there. You never know when it is going to change.

Will post pics when i get them.

Tuesday, January 20, 2009

I am trying... really I am

I know, I said I was going to try to blog more, and here we are 10days gone by. It is amazing what 1 well placed head cold can do to a body. In my case it started out calmly enough, a bit of a sore throat, some hoarseness, and a bit of the nose stuff.
Fast forward to leaving for vacation with Mom & Dad at their time share in Myrtle Beach... totally painful sinus', so hoarse couldn't hardly talk, and then - THE COUGH. You see for me, once it degrades to the the cough, I am toast. I am one of those people who on a good day, an odd cough or sneeze sounds like I have the worst case of croup. So if you take that to the angle of already have a cold, sinus stuff and so on... yeah, you get the picture, no one wants to be around me - including me!!
So I woke up the last two days thinking I felt like a human being again, and poof, by about 2pm I am back to feeling like poop. Hence I decided it was today or never, so here I am.

I have knitted, but nothing to really show for it. It is just Rick's #2 Blueberry waffle sock.

Need to sew the soles onto Mom & Dad's felted clogs. They both love them and are looking forward to taking them home to PA where they can 'really' appreciate their ability to keep out the cold. I am not as happy with the felting this time around. There seems to be more spots of unfeltedness.

I am hoping to finish the BSJ I started in baby boucle (silly girl), and also my other bamboo monkey sock before starting anything new, but who knows. Sometimes you just have to bite the bullet and start something to help yourself feel better.

Oh and the other thing I have commited to is something I read recently in an article. I am going to try to walk 50 miles per month. It is a fitness goal I think I can acheive. Oh, and that is 50 miles at 3.5mph on the treadmill. Along with any other walking or swimming that I may do. Any good thoughts send my way will greatly be appreciated and at the end of each month I will post my progress.

Sunday, January 11, 2009

What a GREAT time

The 2nd Birthday of Yarn for Breakfast was a total hit. There was much fun, food, caffeine, knitting, laughter, and lots of talking. We had about 27 attendees, all ranges of knitters. Some were really really beginners - that would be Fiona (she's 3) - some knitting beginners - that would be Nicole and Jessica (learned right then and there) - certainly our more advanced folks as well. There were socks being worked on everywhere, a couple sweaters, some hats, and honestly I am not sure what all else.

We all managed to fit in the Daily Grind, with a bit of 'shoe horn' work with the chairs. Speaking of chairs - thank goodness we have folks with some folding chairs, and that I called my Mom and asked her to bring theirs down on their way through to Myrtle Beach. Perfect timing on that one.

Peg's cake was just scumptious - I hope to have pics from Queue and Peg soon.

I was also quite thrilled that Jenny (our original group organizer) was able to come as well at the last minute. Infact she is going to try to start and extension up on the north side. She realized how much she missed her Sat morn knitting break.

The only down side is I have managed to catch a cold... of course just in time to go away for a week to spend time with Mom & Dad at Myrtle Beach. I am currently doing my Ecchinacea, my Tea with honey, and my Homeopathics, and I think it is beginning to settle. Let's hope so. I am hoping for some really good knitting time this week.

Oh, and on the knitting front. I finished felting Mom & Dad's clogs Friday and they are currently drying. Since my DH has filled the camera with his research photos, I need to wait (at least until tomorrow) to get pics. Then all I have to do is finish Matt's clogs, and Rick's 2nd sock and I shall be back to baby jackets (in boucle - not my best choice, but it looks cute), and maybe even some lace work. I think then I shall cast on a top for me, and maybe a pair of bright colored socks for me also.

Have a great week everyone!! :)

Thursday, January 08, 2009

Dooooonnnn't Panic!!!

OK, so I am starting to panic a bit. Just a wee bit.... well maybe a bit more than a wee bit.

Why you may ask, well the wonderful Yarn for Breakfast group that I am the Organizer for, is celebrating its 2nd Birthday (Yay for us!!). We have been so successful at getting Fiber Folk together over the past 2yrs, and the coffee shop - The Daily Grind (in Olde Towne Portsmouth) has been soooo totally awesome in putting up with us, and even spoiling us...... that we have probably about 30 people (at least) attending our gathering on Saturday morning. I really want it to be great, I am just worried that we will a) maybe not have enough chairs, b) drive the poor coffee house employees absolutely bonkers with our boisterousness, and c) I worry about their other patrons as well.

OK, I feel a bit better at having gotten that all out. I am totally excited, and really quite in awe of the fact that we are two years old and have upwards of 60-some active members. See not everyone comes to every meet. Some only come to the evening meets, and some only to the Sat morning meet, so it works. I love that we are growing, but afraid that we may outgrow the coffee shop. We all love it there soooooooooooo much.

I know, stop worrying, and just enjoy.... will do. Just needed to get some of the panic bugs out in the open.

breathe in....... breathe out...... breathe in...... go knit!!!!

Monday, January 05, 2009

So, I made it to the New Year...

Yep, I survived the New Year's start... a bit more epsom salts, some massage, and I now just feel the after effects (you know, the ones that include feeling like you've been kicked - HARD)

My Beloved is on the road again, this time to CA. I ended up with an unexpected day off due to H2O damage at the store, and the house is totally quiet... shhhhhhh

While I totally love music, and having it on while I am here, I also totally love the silence. Just listening to the house, and the sounds from outside that creep in. I guess it is that whole concept of just being in the here and now.

So once I finish enjoying my silence each day I then move onto my Buffy-thon. Tonight I will be watching the muscial and at least 2 discs from season 6... gotta love it!!

Now, we have Josh's finished scarf: pattern is My So Called Scarf done in Farmhouse Yarns Silk Blend dk wt: it is Silk,Wool, and Cotton - matches his knucks from last year.We have next the blanket or Megan... which should have been accompanied by a BSJ by now, but alas... not yet.Although I can at least say that I haven't LOST that BSJ. Yep, you read that right folks... I lost the completed (except for the buttons) BSJ that I made for my great-niece. I now have the buttons and cannot for the life of me find the jacket. eeeerrrrrrgggghhhh aaarrrrgggghhh!!

Lastly we have my single Monkey sock of Regia Bamboo. Hopefully soon to have a sibling.I won't be able to show updates of the felted clog menagerie yet, since Rick has the camera with him. Once he gets home I will try to take quick shots before they all go to their prospective owners.

And last but not least, I go from here to the treadmill for 30min. No knitting this time, just need to get my treadmill legs back. See ya all soon.