Sunday, January 11, 2009

What a GREAT time

The 2nd Birthday of Yarn for Breakfast was a total hit. There was much fun, food, caffeine, knitting, laughter, and lots of talking. We had about 27 attendees, all ranges of knitters. Some were really really beginners - that would be Fiona (she's 3) - some knitting beginners - that would be Nicole and Jessica (learned right then and there) - certainly our more advanced folks as well. There were socks being worked on everywhere, a couple sweaters, some hats, and honestly I am not sure what all else.

We all managed to fit in the Daily Grind, with a bit of 'shoe horn' work with the chairs. Speaking of chairs - thank goodness we have folks with some folding chairs, and that I called my Mom and asked her to bring theirs down on their way through to Myrtle Beach. Perfect timing on that one.

Peg's cake was just scumptious - I hope to have pics from Queue and Peg soon.

I was also quite thrilled that Jenny (our original group organizer) was able to come as well at the last minute. Infact she is going to try to start and extension up on the north side. She realized how much she missed her Sat morn knitting break.

The only down side is I have managed to catch a cold... of course just in time to go away for a week to spend time with Mom & Dad at Myrtle Beach. I am currently doing my Ecchinacea, my Tea with honey, and my Homeopathics, and I think it is beginning to settle. Let's hope so. I am hoping for some really good knitting time this week.

Oh, and on the knitting front. I finished felting Mom & Dad's clogs Friday and they are currently drying. Since my DH has filled the camera with his research photos, I need to wait (at least until tomorrow) to get pics. Then all I have to do is finish Matt's clogs, and Rick's 2nd sock and I shall be back to baby jackets (in boucle - not my best choice, but it looks cute), and maybe even some lace work. I think then I shall cast on a top for me, and maybe a pair of bright colored socks for me also.

Have a great week everyone!! :)


twinsetellen said...

Congratulations on a great event - I knew you'd pull it off!

Mary in VA said...

Have a great time in Myrtle Beach - hope that cold doesn't slow you down!