Tuesday, January 20, 2009

I am trying... really I am

I know, I said I was going to try to blog more, and here we are 10days gone by. It is amazing what 1 well placed head cold can do to a body. In my case it started out calmly enough, a bit of a sore throat, some hoarseness, and a bit of the nose stuff.
Fast forward to leaving for vacation with Mom & Dad at their time share in Myrtle Beach... totally painful sinus', so hoarse couldn't hardly talk, and then - THE COUGH. You see for me, once it degrades to the the cough, I am toast. I am one of those people who on a good day, an odd cough or sneeze sounds like I have the worst case of croup. So if you take that to the angle of already have a cold, sinus stuff and so on... yeah, you get the picture, no one wants to be around me - including me!!
So I woke up the last two days thinking I felt like a human being again, and poof, by about 2pm I am back to feeling like poop. Hence I decided it was today or never, so here I am.

I have knitted, but nothing to really show for it. It is just Rick's #2 Blueberry waffle sock.

Need to sew the soles onto Mom & Dad's felted clogs. They both love them and are looking forward to taking them home to PA where they can 'really' appreciate their ability to keep out the cold. I am not as happy with the felting this time around. There seems to be more spots of unfeltedness.

I am hoping to finish the BSJ I started in baby boucle (silly girl), and also my other bamboo monkey sock before starting anything new, but who knows. Sometimes you just have to bite the bullet and start something to help yourself feel better.

Oh and the other thing I have commited to is something I read recently in an article. I am going to try to walk 50 miles per month. It is a fitness goal I think I can acheive. Oh, and that is 50 miles at 3.5mph on the treadmill. Along with any other walking or swimming that I may do. Any good thoughts send my way will greatly be appreciated and at the end of each month I will post my progress.


twinsetellen said...

The cough is definitely the worst part. I hate not being able to sleep because of it. I hope you are over it soon.

And yes, you can definitely walk 50 miles a month! Go for it!

Life's a Stitch said...

Cute clogs. I'm afraid to try them as so many people have had inconsistent results. Any hints?