Tuesday, November 04, 2008

Voting = 12 rows of sock knitting

Yep!! I VOTED!! not only did I help elect a president, but I got 12rows knitted on Rick's socks as I stood in line. It took me approximately 1.25hrs from arrival to departure. Luckily I had a lovely lady in line behind me, and we chatted while I knit - which brings me to the fact that Ricks sock have a funky all knit band around them, because I got distracted. Oh, well, they shall be called... the "Election Socks" from hence forth.

I then went and had my acupuncture treatment, went to Bed, Bath, & Beyond for a spice shelf for the new cabinets, and picked up my free S-bucks plain old cup of decaf. Now I need to do some phone calling about some fund raising stuff I am involved in for the Virginia Youth Symphony Orchestra. What a great organization they are, and with a phenomenal conductor who really brings the best out of each and every kid in the group.

I should also be finishing the first part of Dad's 2nd slipper tonight or tomorrow night (depends on the kind of night my patient has). Then I can start Mom's - just to give me a change of color from brown.

Pictures soon, I promise.