Wednesday, December 31, 2008

Believe it or not....

I figured I should sign in and blog one last post for 2008.

Life has been more than hectic, frenetic, and definitely enjoyable but with some challenges. As I write this less than an hour from the new year I am nursing a serious back spasm. It hit today, and between, rest, epsom salt bath, arnica, and cold packs, I am able to be sitting upright for awhile.

I have done lots of knitting, and am proud of that. I went back to working in the stockroom of Coldwater Creek and love that!! My knitting group Yarn for Breakfast is continuing to grow by leaps and bounds. What a great crew of fiber folks we have. We really enjoy our time together.

My stepsons are all doing very well, and Rick is really enjoying his work and travel as well. Hoping maybe to make it to Hawaii in the new year... we shall see.

I promise to do more posting as my life returns to some semblence of routing in the coming couple weeks.

I wish All of you a joyous and healthy new year. I look forward to keeping up on all your wonderful blogs, and ravelry posts.