Sunday, September 20, 2009

It is Done and Re-Begun

I have frogged the Birthday Swirl Pullover, and even now have managed to restart is and am about 1/2 way through the swirl. I feel better doing it this time. The pattern is not so foreign to me, and I know where I had issues before. I am as convinced as ever that this was the right thing to do. Now, I have some good car knitting time coming up over the next several days, and plan to make some very good progress.

So Li, I say.... Go For It, make that cardigan into something you will either wear, or keep warm with. :)

Hopefully soon there will be pics. Sorry I am so bad about that kind of thing. Just so you don't think I am a total goob... here is a pic of Rick's 1st of 2 Beach Rib Socks. He likes them, and thinks I have found the perfect sock recipe for him. It is just that it is miles and miles of k3p1 rib - aaaaarrrrgggghhhh. But alas, the yarn is not a solid color and that was the deal.

Monday, September 14, 2009

A Bit of Peace

Have you ever noticed, the peace you feel, when you finally come to a decision about something that has been nagging at you for a while?? Well, I have come to that peace.

Both, the shawl - Diamonds are a Girl's Best Friend, AND The Swirl Pullover are being frogged.

There I said it in public. On Saturday at Yarn for Breakfast I was still hemming and hawwwing about it. Then, just before we all started packing up Jessica helped me with starting the frogging process on the shawl. See, she handed over her absolutely adorable little 2 month old to G-ma Vickie (who proceeded to put him to sleep) and held the shawl and unraveled while I wound the yarn onto the swift. That way I didn't have to watch all the stitches being undone. That also meant that when I got it home, It was already being frogged, and I had no idea where it was on the pattern, so finishing the job was not painful at all.

Next there is the Swirl Pullover.... that one is going to be tougher. Again, talking to Jessica and a number of the other knitters, and seeing what you all said here, I decided that no amount of blocking was going to make that sweater fit the way I would feel comfortable in it. So ..... I shall frog it also, and drop from a 4.5mm needle to a 4.0 needle and make the next size up. I really am quite set on this yarn for this project. It was proven to me over and over when I would look at the nearly finished sweater, and then try to convince myself that it would stretch.

I have not yet started that frogging project, as it was disheartening enough doing the first one. I figure I will give myself a couple days and then start that one. In the mean time I am trying to finish Rick's sock, to help keep my mind off things. :)

I am quite OK with it all now, since I know that I will eventually have the sweater I have been dreaming of, and a fabulous shawl as well. Plus, I will be that much better at following the directions for both of them, having already been there once now.

Sunday, September 06, 2009

Made It Home

We are back in the Tidewater. Luckily off tomorrow, so hoping to take it easy on my back. All the many, many, many, hours of sitting, took its toll, and it (my back) went into spasm for 3days. Oh Joy. I did get a fair amount of knitting in... finished the left sleeve of my Swirl Pullover -

QUESTION TO MY KNITTING FRIENDS... is it ok to attach the sleeves and then block... or should the oddly shaped body be blocked - sew the shoulder seams and then attach the sleeves (since I would really like to attach them via 3needle bind off). I am not always good about following directions, but with this one I am not sure. Any suggestions will be appreciated.

Worked on Rick's sock to the point where he needs to try it on, so I can see how soon to start the toe.

Worked on Diamond's Are A Girl's Best Friend lace shawl by Renee Leverington. Slight issue there - you see it was the first lace project I tried, and it has lanquished being worked on sporadically for at least 2, if not 3yrs - there are many glaring errors, and the most recent of which - (since now I really know what I am doing) is a bunch of missing stitches. I fear there is a very large Frog Pond in my future - much deeper than "nee deep" (as my DH would say). I am having difficulty bringing myself to frog it (I am on pattern 4 of 6), but at the same time the mistakes are so glaring.... Maybe this week. Then I will restart it, and it will go much more smoothly, and quickly.

Pictures to follow and tales of vacation adventures (in our world there are always 'adventures')

Saturday, August 29, 2009

Off for Vacation

Today is pack out day, and tomorrow morning we leave for parts northward.

First to Indianna PA, to take a look at IUP for Matt - from there we go east to the other side of the state to Mom and Dad's on Monday. Tues brings a new floor installation in their kitchen, followed by Westminster Choir College on Wed (another 3hr to and from drive). Thurs = a 3hr drive north to lovely Ithaca College in NY. Friday - we "rest" while getting ready for Saturday's Clam Bake with the big family gang coming in.

Believe it or not I am old enough to have my 25yr HS class reunion, and that too is on Sat. So Rick and I will split time with the clam bake, and then off to a picnic-y type class reunion.

That brings us to Sunday and a lovely ride back into the humid zone.

Hope you all have a great Holiday Weekend next weekend, and we will catch you soon.

Thursday, August 27, 2009

I Have Been Reminded....

recently, in fact that I have not been blogging. I guess it is time remedy that situation.

So, to bring you up to date on what has been happening in the DoG household.... After Misty's surgery, and a brief few days away for Rick and I, we have been spending time working (as usual), and trying to get things done around the house. We helped Matt acquire his first car (Taurus station wagon). Pretty good deal for what he paid, and it will certainly help tote around all his stuff. Being a musician, he will probably also have friends with lots of stuff (music, instruments, amps, instruments...and so on).

Rick has been working like a fiend, but the upshot is, following his recent IG inspection, there 24 superior acheivers chosen out of 'a couple hundred' (not sure exactly)... and YEP he was one of them. As well he should have been, since the final week before the inspection he was making his way into the office even with a concusion.

A concusion he recieve while riding in the passenger seat of the Passat (while I was driving) and his Mom was in the back seat, and being rear-ended at a stop light by a hit and run driver. Yep!! We really know how to keep the summer interesting.

This of course has meant that I have been out of work due to neck, back, and blood pressure issues as a result of the accident. Luckily Rick's Mom faired the best of us, but she is currently having physical therapy for shoulder issues.

My beloved Passage had its rear end made concave, and some frame issues. So far the word is, she is not totaled. YAY!!! don't want that for my girl. She went into the shop yesterday and will probably come out by the time we come home from vacation.

Yep, we have a vac coming. We leave Sunday to take Matt on a college exploration expidition. Frist Indiana University of PA, then Westminster Choir College, and finally Ithaca Universtiy. I'm hoping for Ithaca as one of the top finishers. Anyway, then we will help Mom and Dad replace the floor in the kitchen, have a family clam bake, and Rick and I will attend my 25th high school reunion. Haven't seen most of these folks since the day we graduated. Should be interesting.

Yes, as now, I am still employed at CWC, but not sure how that will do with my current physical situation. Will find out after vacation. Rick has been told he must now keep his work week to 40hrs, and some days he comes home at 2:30pm and other days he doesn't go in until 9am. Woo Hoo. We have been looking at property in AZ, in hopes of taking advantage of some really low prices on land, so we can build our forever home. We shall see.

Don't worry there are still dreams of 3yrs in Germany in our future. Just not sure which part of our future yet. :)

Will do my best to keep up with blogging, and even post some cool knitting pics soon.

Wednesday, July 15, 2009

Been Surprisingly Busy

While hours at the store have decreased significantly, and I am still only working 1 night shift/wk, I have managed to be quite busy over the last 2wks.

Helping Rachael whenever I am able (especially when not so great movers were testing her patience and sanity), and dealing with Misty, who we originally thought had contact dermatitis and a UTI. After a week of intensive medication treatment, it was noted that she was not getting any better. So my wonderful holistic/chiropractic vet set "get her into the other office and lets get an xray". My nursing background kicks into instant radar gear... puts some major pieces of the puzzle together and figures we have two options. Kidney/Bladder stones (those of you who have had either one know they are not even remotely fun to deal with) OR TCC (transitional cell carcinoma). As it turns out they mimic each other almost identically with the exception of the age of the dog. Since my dog is only5.5/6yr old and the TCC 'usually' occurs around 10-14....I was definitely hoping for the stones.

So yesterday morning, off we go to get our x-ray... Dr R comes back in chuckling... puts the film up on the box and my eyes are immediately drawn to this rather large white circle in her bladder area. "Yep, that is the stone". This thing, according to xray, is probably about the size of a golf ball!!! Hence why we have been having all the troubles we have been having. Because it is so large, it cannot be dissolved with meds and diet... it must be surgically removed.

Off to surgery she goes... and home last evening, a bit loopy, a bit drugged, but home none the less. Fairly good night, and then this morning has been interesting. Now that her pain medicine has kicked in, though, she is much more content. Which should mean I can now get some things accomplished.

The challenge is to keep a normally ver active dog, 'quiet' for 7 days... wish me luck.

Rick and I are off for a couple days starting later tomorrow, and then when we return his Mother will arrive for 3wks. Who knows when I will get to post again, but hopefully soon. Maybe there will be some serious Swirl Pullover progress, as well as a sock finish. I am, if nothing else, ever hopeful of good knitting time. :)

Tuesday, July 07, 2009

Where Have Been and What Have I Been Doing

Holy Cow!!! (or should I say Sheep). 2 months since my last blog... bad blogger bad. I must admit though, I have been quite busy, not just sitting around eating bon bons you know. I have been knitting:

...and I have been working. THANK GOODNESS THE OPEN REMODEL IS COMPLETE. So now that it is all done, hours are being cut back significantly both due to economy stuff, and having over spent the payroll to deal with all the insanity associated with the remodel.

Oh, and let us not forget I have been busy both keeping up with the girls' vet issues and cleaning up after them in numerous ways. The only ones that are pic appropriate would be these:

Needless to say, I was most unhappy about this, although they did not eat or destroy any yarn or knitted items during this masacre. Of course I came home last night only to find that they again went through the same bag, took out most of the same stuff, except this time they got into my lip stick and lip plumper (I could not tell who had the more plump lips by the time I got home) and a tube of Delica Beads that - oh by the way- were seed beads!!!

Anyway, I am recovered at this point - I think.

I have also spent some of my time away from the blog being hostess to my good friend Rachael and her husband Michael as they work their way through the process of moving from Germany here to Virginia Beach. It has been fun, and I now have contact with beach time. Been a long time since Rick and I have spent any time out at the beach, but we are enjoying it.

Oh, and on the knitting front, I am working on my Swirl Pullover with the yarn I got from MDSW (of my last post). I think the sweater is going to be quite stunning color wise. I definitely like Tess' Designer Yarns. Well worth a look see at her stuff.

I am off to finish laundry, and prepping some cabinets for painting... yes the kitchen remodel is still a work in progress. I must say though, with the drop in hours at the store, I am trying to catch up on stuff here at home that has been neglected.

Tuesday, May 05, 2009

I went to MSWF

Yes, it was a surprise....
Yes, I totally enjoyed it....
Yes, I met Susie and Erin from MVFF and HVFF - that was totally cool!!
Yes, it rained, but that didn't matter...much
Yes, I spent $, but some of it was on Rick :)
Yes, I have 2 sweaters to knit with some BEAUTIFUL fiber

Did I mention, YES, I want my own sheep :)

So, here are some photos from MSWF:

I think both Rick and I fell in love with these guys. I may end up with sheep one day after all. :)

Oh, and btw, making progress on some undiscloseable knitting, and, minimal progress on my Bamboo socks, but hopefully soon the undiscloseable knitting will be done and I can move on.

Monday, April 27, 2009

Yep, it's been a month

I admit it, this whole -staying on top of the blogging thing- has not gone well for me. When it really comes down to it, when life gets really crazy, it is one of the first things to go. It is also really tough for me to be good about limiting my time on the computer... I am one who once I am on board, I get sucked in... and then poof!! 2hrs down the tube.

So, in lieu of too much blog time, and wanting to finish up a few more knit projects (quickly, I might add) - Today is picture day:

Flirty Tank:
Cross Over Scarf:OH, btw, on a very happy note... the bsj that I made for my Great Niece last Fall... the one I took home to my parent's house to try on her at Thanksgiving to make sure it fit even though it still had no buttons... yeah, that one.

Guess What?? Not only has it been found, - apparently it was never lost - at least not to her. Her Dad, when gathering up all their belongings, knew that the sweater had been tried on and was meant for her, so it go gathered up as well. Needless to say, she has been happily wearing said sweater since Thanksgiving - sans buttons :) My nephew showed me pics of her in it when they were here visiting last week, she really looks cute in it. I am hoping to get one of the pics to post on my Ravely project page for the sweater.

Hopfully I will have another couple finishes real soon, but some of my current knitting is surprise gift knitting, so I can't show pics right away. I am so glad to have finished 2 projects, I am itchin' to finsh now, my Bamboo Monkey sock #2, and my surprise knitting, and then hopefully it is on to multiple new projects.... socks, tops, sweater, a shrug, maybe a shawl or two... I love dreaming...

Monday, March 30, 2009

Back to the Grindstone

Thank You ALL for your thoughts and prayers and wishes. It is comforting to know that there are those out there for us. It has been a long week, and very exhausting (fast turn around flight from VA to CA and lots of work done while there). Now Rick's Mom is back in their house and the challenges in many ways, are just beginning for her.

For us, we arrived back home in time to pick up M and spend some time with him (had not seen him in a month), and attend an absolutely fantastic concert that he worked very hard toward. He is part of the Virginia Youth Symphony Orchestra (VYSO), and what a great job the whole orchestra did.

Today it is time to get back on the treadmill, back to the laundry room, and back to work - not necessarily in that order. Knitting has been coming along, and soon there will be some pics to show progress. Hoping to get back into the swing of blogging, and knitting, and so on.

See Ya'll Soon.

Sunday, March 22, 2009

I am at an odd spot

I guess this is probably the best place to come to be when you are at an odd spot.

We just found out last evening that my FIL passed away. While he has in many ways not really been with us for awhile (dimentia/alzheimer-ish type syndrome), it still is leaving an empty spot inside right now. You see I was lucky enough to have him be really sweet on me. My Beloved's former wife and he could not have been on more opposite ends of anything. Neither one liked the other...period - dot . But he and I really hit it off from the very beginning and it only got better from there. We were able to create for him something that he decided he held very dear - a sense of FAMILY. He let us know each year from the very first one that we were married, that he was so happy to come and spend time with his son and his grandsons, and me and also my parents. I would let him sample all the cookies when they came fresh out of the oven... he was the official tester for several years. When his health failed to the point where they were no longer able to travel to us for the holidays I felt like a bit of something was missing. Don't get me wrong - having your MIL & FIL arrive on Dec 17th and depart on Jan 7th, was not always a picnic. Yes, they stayed here in our house, and did not have a car or the security to borrow ours... so there were definitely challenges. I did not always agree with the way they handled things with the boys, or the things they felt were perfectly acceptable (which were totally not to me).... but for him there was always a soft spot - an extra hug, a smile, a thank you.

Over the last few years he has gradually slipped away, and I have watched my Beloved shed tears over missing his Pop even though he was still here in body, and sometimes spirit... but I guess now is my turn... The Bear, The Man, Pop.... that is what he was to his children - often stern, hard, and down right cantankerous, over bearing, and short.... but to me, for the most part, he was Dick, more like a Teddy Bear, polite, appreciative, helpful, and grateful. I guess in some ways I am the lucky one. I knew a side of The Man, not many others got to see. For that I am grateful, I am glad he crossed my path, and that of his son (my Beloved), and his grandsons. I think they all learned alot of good lessons from him. I hope they will hold those lessons close to their hearts for many years to come - especially when and if the boys have their own children.

Thank You for raising a son who means the world to me, and who I could not imagine life without. I wish you grace, and rest, and peace.....

Thursday, March 05, 2009

Please don't ever let me....

....pick up another skein of super bulky baby yarn. This stuff was just a brute to deal with. The best part is IT IS DONE!!!!!!Just for a bit of reference, this is Megan's Blanket: both are kind of late, but in the Griset clan that is the norm (thank goodness).
The good thing is, these two are getting packed into Rick's suitcase and will be winging their way to their new owners tomorrow afternoon. I, on the other hand, will be having a nice, relatively quiet weekend on my own....woooo hoooo.

I am thinking knit, finish watching the movie The Fountain, knit, maybe park in front of Hulu and knit while watching some Highlander episodes, oh, and I guess I will feed the dogs, and work my scheduled shifts as well. :)

Soon there will be pics of my Flirty Tank that I have cast on. I hope it goes quickly as I really want to have something to wear in the warm weather that I have made. Plus I need to make the 2nd Bamboo Monkey, and maybe even try to work on my Diamonds Are A Girl's Best Friend (lace shawl started years ago).

OH and yes!!! We did have "snow" and it did stay for 2 days. I was in my glory. At this point I will take what I can get... beggars can't be choosers. :)

Tuesday, February 24, 2009

Just a Teaser....

I will be posting on Ravelry my stash aquisition soon, from the Great Yarn Give away. Lots of things I never quite imagined myself going for, but the ideas that came from Robin, helped me expand my vision. I am actually quite excited. To the point that I wish I could take some time off of work, and just do some experimenting, but .... alas that shall not be.

The TSJ is 'almost done' and I am hoping to show results within the next day or so. The Cross Over Scarf has not gone very far at all lately (been working on TSJ) and also in the process of taking out the bottom of my top down sweater that I Bound Off too tightly, and too soon. I am hoping to add some length and a better bind off.

Friday, February 20, 2009

oh my,,,, Oh My..... OH MY

So here I am way past the point of even being able to type coherantly (thank goodness for spell check), and I am all a flutter....

First tomorrow is another Yarn For Breakfast event, sure to be quite the gaggle of fiber fanatic, coffee connoisseurs, and all round GREAT People. Already we are scheduled for 27 or so, although we not all be there at the same time, as there is a fantastic member of our group who has opened her designer stash to us for 4hrs. Wants us all to have the opportunity to use fibers we wouldn't normally get our little paws on.

Then I am reading the Harlot's post tonight and the whole Sock thing just jumped out at me, as in this would be soooooooooooooooooooooo cool to attend. In fact my SP from SP10 is one of the desingers. I wonder if she still wears the Monkey Socks I knit for her.

Any way all of a sudden I have realized I am totally jazzed, but am now going to get less than my minimum hrs of required sleep. So I am off.

I promise updates on my BSJ, the Cross Over Scarf, Valentines Gifties from my Beloved, and the Meet Up events and so on. As I noted on my Facebook, it is the "so on" that gets me every time.


Tuesday, February 10, 2009

I really did finish them

Believe it or not, I really did finally finish Rick's socks, and Matt's clogs. Infact the clogs have been felted, and Rick's socks... well, I have been having trouble keeping them clean long enough to get pics of them. so here they are.

Then there is the Cross Over Scarf, which is really quite an easy knit, once you wrap your brain around it. I am torn as to whether or not I will block this out. I love the feel and look of the yarn currently (Lang Mille Colori), but I can't help but wonder how it may look with a swish and some blocking. We shall see.

As for the BSJ, it is coming along. Each time I hold what will be the sleeves together I can't help but wonder if it isn't going to just swallow up a the 3yr old it is meant for. Then again, I would rather knit something she can grow into that something she has already grown out of.

Before Rick left of Korea (literally right before like at 0430 waiting to leave for the airport) we were discussing the concept of moving to the southwest - where we would like our forever home to be- before going to Germany. There is really only one reason I would consider this, since it would postpone my long desired move to Germany, and that reason is, if we go to Germany first from his current position - he would have to return here to VA for at least a year before taking a position out in the southwest. While I love my friends here dearly, that is one of the only things I like about this area. So the thought of having to come back here after having to leave Germany which will be hard enough as it is, is very, shall we say, unimpressive - depressing even. I know, I really just need to see what the universe has in store for us, but I am not the most patient of individuals. It is one of my lessons during this lifetime - patience - (not patients - which I have already worked through and will continue to move away from bit by bit). I want it all laid out in a nice neat plan..... NOW. OK, time to move on.

My wonderful friends over at Twinset awarded me a blogging award. That was really sweet. Now all I have to do, in my limited technology knowledge, is figure out how to do all the steps I am suppose to do to accept and pass on that award. I will figure it out in the next day or so.

OH and for those of you who knew I had scored a killer deal on a ticket to Hawaii - yeah, well, the big bubbas there decided they were just too busy to talk to Rick right now and and at the last minute suggested he not come until .... oh, say August AFTER the change of command. So needless to say part of the killer deal got sucked up into itinerary change fees. Phoooooeeeeyyyy I have thus decided I will create a bit of the tropics here for Rick and I and then we will spend a ver special Valentines weekend incommunicado from the rest of the world. So if you don't see a post over the weekend, or hear from me, it is OK, I will be back among the world again on Tues.

Have a wonderful week, if I don't pop in before that. :)

Wednesday, February 04, 2009

Believe it... or not??

I actually have pics to post of knitting progress. Although, Rick has gone and worn his waffle socks again (like almost as soon as I washed them) so those pics have to wait until laundry day next week.

We have here, the BSJ that was started in Dec as gift for my niece, to accompany the blanket for her sister. Needless to say, it got put down and has been languishing inside the foot stool/box. Now it is back out, and seems to be going fairly well (please don't slight me down for that confession Oh Great and Wonderful Goddess of Knitting...). My hope is that it will get finished before I leave for HI at the end of next week. (A girl can dream, can't she??).

This is the Cross Over Scarf, that I have decided I really like, in yarn that I also have decided that I really like. I like how it feels and how it looks, and the jewel tones are very jewel-ish. To see more details check out my Ravelry projects page.
As of right now, the scarf is considerably longer, but I will wait until I am finished for further pics. Just imagine this same patter over and over and over.

Thursday, January 29, 2009

I just couldn't help myself

Last night at Yarn for Supper (which was totally awesome because we had the coffee shop just for us as a private party - more about that later) I did a swatch for a Cross Over Scarf using Lang Mille Colori color 0066 (I think). Yeah, you heard me, "I" actually did a swatch and yes, it was for a Scarf. Go Figure!!! One of these days I might even do a real one for an item of clothing.

Anyway, then while I was at my private duty night shift I cast on said scarf (3 times). Now I think it is working. It certainly is quite fiddly. I am sure once I really get into the swing of it, it will go much more easily. I love the colors they are perfect. No, I did not do the soles for Matt's felted clogs. I just wasn't in that spot. Maybe tonight.

As soon as I have something worth taking a picture of, I will and you can all see my Cross Over Scarf.

Oh, as for felted clogs, I think I realize now why the soles didn't come out like I thought they should... I forgot to put the running stitch down the middle to help hold the 2 soles together during felting. I was impatient... to those of you who know me well, this comes as no surprise to you. Otherwise, I think the felting also was not quite what I thought it should be, because (let's hear the refrain...) I was impatient. There is definitely a theme here. Next time should be much better. I have vowed I will be patient (fat chance - as my DH would say)

Wednesday, January 28, 2009

Finally Finished

Yep, I finally finished Rick's socks. Yaaaayy. It only took me 10months. Of course there were other projects in there as well. Christmas projects, socks for me, socks that ended up being for Mom, and of course "the lost BSJ".

Unfortunately the pics I took last night did not turn out well, and Rick wore the socks to work this morning. So I guess the pics will have to come after I wash them.

Now I need to finish Matt's felted clogs, and then I can make at least one of the Cross Over Scarves that I plan to do. Then I think it will be on to a Flirty Tank for Me for the summer, and also to finish my other Bamboo Monkey sock.

Other wise, I am finally finished with my cold. I am keeping up on my 50mpm commitment. Two weeks so far. I have been working more at the store than I thought I would, but I will take it while it is there. You never know when it is going to change.

Will post pics when i get them.

Tuesday, January 20, 2009

I am trying... really I am

I know, I said I was going to try to blog more, and here we are 10days gone by. It is amazing what 1 well placed head cold can do to a body. In my case it started out calmly enough, a bit of a sore throat, some hoarseness, and a bit of the nose stuff.
Fast forward to leaving for vacation with Mom & Dad at their time share in Myrtle Beach... totally painful sinus', so hoarse couldn't hardly talk, and then - THE COUGH. You see for me, once it degrades to the the cough, I am toast. I am one of those people who on a good day, an odd cough or sneeze sounds like I have the worst case of croup. So if you take that to the angle of already have a cold, sinus stuff and so on... yeah, you get the picture, no one wants to be around me - including me!!
So I woke up the last two days thinking I felt like a human being again, and poof, by about 2pm I am back to feeling like poop. Hence I decided it was today or never, so here I am.

I have knitted, but nothing to really show for it. It is just Rick's #2 Blueberry waffle sock.

Need to sew the soles onto Mom & Dad's felted clogs. They both love them and are looking forward to taking them home to PA where they can 'really' appreciate their ability to keep out the cold. I am not as happy with the felting this time around. There seems to be more spots of unfeltedness.

I am hoping to finish the BSJ I started in baby boucle (silly girl), and also my other bamboo monkey sock before starting anything new, but who knows. Sometimes you just have to bite the bullet and start something to help yourself feel better.

Oh and the other thing I have commited to is something I read recently in an article. I am going to try to walk 50 miles per month. It is a fitness goal I think I can acheive. Oh, and that is 50 miles at 3.5mph on the treadmill. Along with any other walking or swimming that I may do. Any good thoughts send my way will greatly be appreciated and at the end of each month I will post my progress.

Sunday, January 11, 2009

What a GREAT time

The 2nd Birthday of Yarn for Breakfast was a total hit. There was much fun, food, caffeine, knitting, laughter, and lots of talking. We had about 27 attendees, all ranges of knitters. Some were really really beginners - that would be Fiona (she's 3) - some knitting beginners - that would be Nicole and Jessica (learned right then and there) - certainly our more advanced folks as well. There were socks being worked on everywhere, a couple sweaters, some hats, and honestly I am not sure what all else.

We all managed to fit in the Daily Grind, with a bit of 'shoe horn' work with the chairs. Speaking of chairs - thank goodness we have folks with some folding chairs, and that I called my Mom and asked her to bring theirs down on their way through to Myrtle Beach. Perfect timing on that one.

Peg's cake was just scumptious - I hope to have pics from Queue and Peg soon.

I was also quite thrilled that Jenny (our original group organizer) was able to come as well at the last minute. Infact she is going to try to start and extension up on the north side. She realized how much she missed her Sat morn knitting break.

The only down side is I have managed to catch a cold... of course just in time to go away for a week to spend time with Mom & Dad at Myrtle Beach. I am currently doing my Ecchinacea, my Tea with honey, and my Homeopathics, and I think it is beginning to settle. Let's hope so. I am hoping for some really good knitting time this week.

Oh, and on the knitting front. I finished felting Mom & Dad's clogs Friday and they are currently drying. Since my DH has filled the camera with his research photos, I need to wait (at least until tomorrow) to get pics. Then all I have to do is finish Matt's clogs, and Rick's 2nd sock and I shall be back to baby jackets (in boucle - not my best choice, but it looks cute), and maybe even some lace work. I think then I shall cast on a top for me, and maybe a pair of bright colored socks for me also.

Have a great week everyone!! :)

Thursday, January 08, 2009

Dooooonnnn't Panic!!!

OK, so I am starting to panic a bit. Just a wee bit.... well maybe a bit more than a wee bit.

Why you may ask, well the wonderful Yarn for Breakfast group that I am the Organizer for, is celebrating its 2nd Birthday (Yay for us!!). We have been so successful at getting Fiber Folk together over the past 2yrs, and the coffee shop - The Daily Grind (in Olde Towne Portsmouth) has been soooo totally awesome in putting up with us, and even spoiling us...... that we have probably about 30 people (at least) attending our gathering on Saturday morning. I really want it to be great, I am just worried that we will a) maybe not have enough chairs, b) drive the poor coffee house employees absolutely bonkers with our boisterousness, and c) I worry about their other patrons as well.

OK, I feel a bit better at having gotten that all out. I am totally excited, and really quite in awe of the fact that we are two years old and have upwards of 60-some active members. See not everyone comes to every meet. Some only come to the evening meets, and some only to the Sat morning meet, so it works. I love that we are growing, but afraid that we may outgrow the coffee shop. We all love it there soooooooooooo much.

I know, stop worrying, and just enjoy.... will do. Just needed to get some of the panic bugs out in the open.

breathe in....... breathe out...... breathe in...... go knit!!!!

Monday, January 05, 2009

So, I made it to the New Year...

Yep, I survived the New Year's start... a bit more epsom salts, some massage, and I now just feel the after effects (you know, the ones that include feeling like you've been kicked - HARD)

My Beloved is on the road again, this time to CA. I ended up with an unexpected day off due to H2O damage at the store, and the house is totally quiet... shhhhhhh

While I totally love music, and having it on while I am here, I also totally love the silence. Just listening to the house, and the sounds from outside that creep in. I guess it is that whole concept of just being in the here and now.

So once I finish enjoying my silence each day I then move onto my Buffy-thon. Tonight I will be watching the muscial and at least 2 discs from season 6... gotta love it!!

Now, we have Josh's finished scarf: pattern is My So Called Scarf done in Farmhouse Yarns Silk Blend dk wt: it is Silk,Wool, and Cotton - matches his knucks from last year.We have next the blanket or Megan... which should have been accompanied by a BSJ by now, but alas... not yet.Although I can at least say that I haven't LOST that BSJ. Yep, you read that right folks... I lost the completed (except for the buttons) BSJ that I made for my great-niece. I now have the buttons and cannot for the life of me find the jacket. eeeerrrrrrgggghhhh aaarrrrgggghhh!!

Lastly we have my single Monkey sock of Regia Bamboo. Hopefully soon to have a sibling.I won't be able to show updates of the felted clog menagerie yet, since Rick has the camera with him. Once he gets home I will try to take quick shots before they all go to their prospective owners.

And last but not least, I go from here to the treadmill for 30min. No knitting this time, just need to get my treadmill legs back. See ya all soon.