Wednesday, July 15, 2009

Been Surprisingly Busy

While hours at the store have decreased significantly, and I am still only working 1 night shift/wk, I have managed to be quite busy over the last 2wks.

Helping Rachael whenever I am able (especially when not so great movers were testing her patience and sanity), and dealing with Misty, who we originally thought had contact dermatitis and a UTI. After a week of intensive medication treatment, it was noted that she was not getting any better. So my wonderful holistic/chiropractic vet set "get her into the other office and lets get an xray". My nursing background kicks into instant radar gear... puts some major pieces of the puzzle together and figures we have two options. Kidney/Bladder stones (those of you who have had either one know they are not even remotely fun to deal with) OR TCC (transitional cell carcinoma). As it turns out they mimic each other almost identically with the exception of the age of the dog. Since my dog is only5.5/6yr old and the TCC 'usually' occurs around 10-14....I was definitely hoping for the stones.

So yesterday morning, off we go to get our x-ray... Dr R comes back in chuckling... puts the film up on the box and my eyes are immediately drawn to this rather large white circle in her bladder area. "Yep, that is the stone". This thing, according to xray, is probably about the size of a golf ball!!! Hence why we have been having all the troubles we have been having. Because it is so large, it cannot be dissolved with meds and diet... it must be surgically removed.

Off to surgery she goes... and home last evening, a bit loopy, a bit drugged, but home none the less. Fairly good night, and then this morning has been interesting. Now that her pain medicine has kicked in, though, she is much more content. Which should mean I can now get some things accomplished.

The challenge is to keep a normally ver active dog, 'quiet' for 7 days... wish me luck.

Rick and I are off for a couple days starting later tomorrow, and then when we return his Mother will arrive for 3wks. Who knows when I will get to post again, but hopefully soon. Maybe there will be some serious Swirl Pullover progress, as well as a sock finish. I am, if nothing else, ever hopeful of good knitting time. :)

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twinsetellen said...

Ouch - that is some stone! I imagine you are both happy to have done with it. good luck on the healing and keeping her quiet.