Tuesday, July 07, 2009

Where Have Been and What Have I Been Doing

Holy Cow!!! (or should I say Sheep). 2 months since my last blog... bad blogger bad. I must admit though, I have been quite busy, not just sitting around eating bon bons you know. I have been knitting:

...and I have been working. THANK GOODNESS THE OPEN REMODEL IS COMPLETE. So now that it is all done, hours are being cut back significantly both due to economy stuff, and having over spent the payroll to deal with all the insanity associated with the remodel.

Oh, and let us not forget I have been busy both keeping up with the girls' vet issues and cleaning up after them in numerous ways. The only ones that are pic appropriate would be these:

Needless to say, I was most unhappy about this, although they did not eat or destroy any yarn or knitted items during this masacre. Of course I came home last night only to find that they again went through the same bag, took out most of the same stuff, except this time they got into my lip stick and lip plumper (I could not tell who had the more plump lips by the time I got home) and a tube of Delica Beads that - oh by the way- were seed beads!!!

Anyway, I am recovered at this point - I think.

I have also spent some of my time away from the blog being hostess to my good friend Rachael and her husband Michael as they work their way through the process of moving from Germany here to Virginia Beach. It has been fun, and I now have contact with beach time. Been a long time since Rick and I have spent any time out at the beach, but we are enjoying it.

Oh, and on the knitting front, I am working on my Swirl Pullover with the yarn I got from MDSW (of my last post). I think the sweater is going to be quite stunning color wise. I definitely like Tess' Designer Yarns. Well worth a look see at her stuff.

I am off to finish laundry, and prepping some cabinets for painting... yes the kitchen remodel is still a work in progress. I must say though, with the drop in hours at the store, I am trying to catch up on stuff here at home that has been neglected.

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twinsetellen said...

Welcome back! Quick, photograph some knitting before the girls eat it!