Wednesday, February 02, 2011


not the south pole. People - 34 degrees with 25-30mph winds (feels like 26 degrees) is NOT, may I repeat, NOT Phoenix weather. I had to break out a heating pad to create a bed for the little Anza girl, and even give Misty extra blankets. The good thing is, it is sunny. So now that I finished my outside chores down at L's house with the goats and such it is time to focus inside. I am thinking I will work on unpacking and storing my Christmas stuff. Afterall it feels like Christmas weather. :)

We are truly getting settled in, bit by bit. I never imagined it would be such a slow process, but I am trying to be patient with myself. I must say though I have finally gotten my Treadmill mojo back and am trying to be very consistent with it. I really want to get back in shape, so my blood pressure and breathing/asthma are not hassling me so much.

It really has been quite busy with multiple trips back east since buying the house, but now we have actually been settled in for 3 consecutive weeks - I have this month yet, and then the visitors will start arriving. Looking forward to Mom & Dad coming out, Dad will definitely feel like he is back on the farm. There is more fencing to be done, and reworking of some doors and tables. By then there may even be some grass to mow.

Sorry I have been so off the grid lately, but hopefully I will soon be back into some sort of a routine that will help keep me doing what I like. Been also doing a lot of research on my future dye business and have started the process of gathering plants, ordering yarn, and experimenting with some small dye batches. We shall see.

Hope everyone is doing well and staying safe and warm during this crazy, crazy weather.