Saturday, August 29, 2009

Off for Vacation

Today is pack out day, and tomorrow morning we leave for parts northward.

First to Indianna PA, to take a look at IUP for Matt - from there we go east to the other side of the state to Mom and Dad's on Monday. Tues brings a new floor installation in their kitchen, followed by Westminster Choir College on Wed (another 3hr to and from drive). Thurs = a 3hr drive north to lovely Ithaca College in NY. Friday - we "rest" while getting ready for Saturday's Clam Bake with the big family gang coming in.

Believe it or not I am old enough to have my 25yr HS class reunion, and that too is on Sat. So Rick and I will split time with the clam bake, and then off to a picnic-y type class reunion.

That brings us to Sunday and a lovely ride back into the humid zone.

Hope you all have a great Holiday Weekend next weekend, and we will catch you soon.

Thursday, August 27, 2009

I Have Been Reminded....

recently, in fact that I have not been blogging. I guess it is time remedy that situation.

So, to bring you up to date on what has been happening in the DoG household.... After Misty's surgery, and a brief few days away for Rick and I, we have been spending time working (as usual), and trying to get things done around the house. We helped Matt acquire his first car (Taurus station wagon). Pretty good deal for what he paid, and it will certainly help tote around all his stuff. Being a musician, he will probably also have friends with lots of stuff (music, instruments, amps, instruments...and so on).

Rick has been working like a fiend, but the upshot is, following his recent IG inspection, there 24 superior acheivers chosen out of 'a couple hundred' (not sure exactly)... and YEP he was one of them. As well he should have been, since the final week before the inspection he was making his way into the office even with a concusion.

A concusion he recieve while riding in the passenger seat of the Passat (while I was driving) and his Mom was in the back seat, and being rear-ended at a stop light by a hit and run driver. Yep!! We really know how to keep the summer interesting.

This of course has meant that I have been out of work due to neck, back, and blood pressure issues as a result of the accident. Luckily Rick's Mom faired the best of us, but she is currently having physical therapy for shoulder issues.

My beloved Passage had its rear end made concave, and some frame issues. So far the word is, she is not totaled. YAY!!! don't want that for my girl. She went into the shop yesterday and will probably come out by the time we come home from vacation.

Yep, we have a vac coming. We leave Sunday to take Matt on a college exploration expidition. Frist Indiana University of PA, then Westminster Choir College, and finally Ithaca Universtiy. I'm hoping for Ithaca as one of the top finishers. Anyway, then we will help Mom and Dad replace the floor in the kitchen, have a family clam bake, and Rick and I will attend my 25th high school reunion. Haven't seen most of these folks since the day we graduated. Should be interesting.

Yes, as now, I am still employed at CWC, but not sure how that will do with my current physical situation. Will find out after vacation. Rick has been told he must now keep his work week to 40hrs, and some days he comes home at 2:30pm and other days he doesn't go in until 9am. Woo Hoo. We have been looking at property in AZ, in hopes of taking advantage of some really low prices on land, so we can build our forever home. We shall see.

Don't worry there are still dreams of 3yrs in Germany in our future. Just not sure which part of our future yet. :)

Will do my best to keep up with blogging, and even post some cool knitting pics soon.