Thursday, March 20, 2008

So Much for 2 8hr car rides...

I know ,"best laid plans of mice and men", by now I should be well aware that if I figure I am going to have oodles of knitting time, it will go splat in my face.

We did make the trip to PA just fine, and are so glad we could be there to help my Mom & Dad through this time. Unfortunately, Friday night I started getting hit with the Sinus/Throat Monster that has been attacking unsuspecting individuals. Hence, my ride to PA was miserable with clogged sinus, and blocked ears, and being totally unable to sleep (even though I was up most the night on Friday night). Upon waking on Saturday morning (we did go back to sleep from 4am until 8:30am) there was a phone call from my Mom - Nana had passed during the night (actually about the time I was awakend with the inability to breath, and significant ear blockage).
It has been a blessing for all concerned that Nana finally passed, as she had been in failing health for quite some time, and seriously so for the last 3+wks. She is now at peace and so is are my Parents. It will take some time for them to adjust to not making her part of their daily routine (visiting, feeding, doctoring and such); but I am assured they will be fine.

So now I just have to finish getting well so I can get on the plane on Sunday to go visit Rachael and Viv and Susan. Wish me well. I have to get rid of all this "not feeling well stuff" right quick. I don't do sick well, and I really have no desire to fly with this in tow.

As, for knitting, I got a bit further on Rick's Blueberry Waffle socks. I must admit they are nice mindless knitting. It may end up being his main pattern of socks at the rate I am going. Although all in all it is a fairly monotonous pattern R1&2 Knit around R3&4 K2, P2. That is it.
The Clessidras aren't nearly as difficult as I imagined them to be, just a bit fiddlely with the cables and such. If I am lucky, I will finish both pairs of socks and be a good bit done with my sweater by the time I return. Who knows, maybe I will even start another pair of socks. Something bright and cheery...spring like. Yeah, yeah, that's it... spring like.

Until then everyone take care and STAY WELL, if the sinus/throat monster knocks on your door, do not, under any circumstances open the door. He is a sneaky thing, and will get you quick and then stay for awhile.


Friday, March 14, 2008

I Did Promise...

I did promise pics of the new starts, and so I will take a few moments now to post them. While I did finish Rick's sweater, I wore it to work the other day, and since it was almost 70degrees when I left, I ended up forgetting it. So I will have to pick it up when I return. The buttons Rick made are really lovely, and I think will really complement the sweater nicely.
The first ones are my Clessidra Stockings. They are coming along well. Although the Wildfoote is very splitty, and with the cables it can be a bit annoying. The second one, the Jawoll socks are Rick's 2nd pair of socks called Blueberry Waffle socks. They are a pretty mindless knit.

On a more somber note, Rick and I will be leaving tomorrow morning for Pennsylvania, as my Grandmother (who is 96) is soon to pass from this life. Unfortunately it has been long, and slow, and very lingering - my Mother is exhausted, and needs some comforting. So we will go and stay with them for the next few days and that way I can help out when the time arrives. It will be a blessing for her when she goes and this has been a long time coming.

By the time I return, I will have had 2 8hr car rides and much time in between, so there should be some real progress to see on my socks and my Diamond Pullover.

Keep us in your thoughts through the coming few days. I am sure it will be quite exhausting.

Friday, March 07, 2008

Yes, yes, I know...

I have been terribly bad about blogging again. I seem to go through these phases of lots of blogging and then almost none. I have been knitting. I have been seaming. I have even started reading again (the final Harry Potter, finally). I am trying to start walking again, and also even trying to start having a regular routine to most of my life.

We shall see. My time away way lovely and relaxing. Not quite as 'do nothing' as I thought it might be, but certainly a good time. We even went to a Renaisance Festival and my Beloved caught the bug... yep, he outfitted me in a really nice version of what a wench would be. Now all of those who know me well, know that is a term used to refer to a not so nice individual in my world, and so we have dubbed me the "Good Wench". After all my outfit is cream, and deep royal purple, with black accent. When I get brave again I may post a picture of me in it... not sure if I am that brave.

I have also just secured my free ticket to go visit my Dear Friend Rachael, and two other friends who live in Germany. This will probably be one of my last trips there for a while, (unless Rick's job sends him and my schedule and our finances allow for me to accompany him) because.... Rachael is most likely, pretty darn probably, and as far as I am concerned, most definitely moving to Virginia Beach!!!!!!
So with that said, I will again be leaving town for about 10days and tootling around Deutschland from Mar 23rd through Apr 2nd. Planning to visit Viv in Hamburg for a day or so, and also spend time with Susan near Kaiserslautern for a day or so. I will have multiple train rides this time, and so I must take much knitting... or should I just take patterns and buy the yarn there....??

Anyway, I am hoping to get some pictures of the newest cast ons when I have good light, which will be sometime after Yarn for Breakfast tomorrow.