Saturday, May 26, 2007


I meant to note this on my previous post in the sections about my Monkey socks;

My most wonderful SP sent my a set of 5" Lantern Moon DPNs of Blondewood with my first package. I was quite new to the concept of 5" needles and have always been quite fond of 6" needles. Also the first time I used Bamboo needles to do socks I was not so very impressed and have stayed with my INOX needles since then.

With that said, I decided I should broaden my horizons and try the lovely needls my SP sent me. I must say that for 64 stich socks that are mostly Knit/Purl with a few YO and K2tog these needles were quite the dream to work with. I will most definitely be using them in the future. It has helped me to learn that there are definitely reasons for using certain tools for certain jobs.

Thank You so much for introducing me to something so wonderful and different CJ!! :)

Friday, May 25, 2007

So Here is the Knitting Part

First we have Nicholas' Cardi - Yes, it is for my great-Nephew (I think). You see I have been getting differing opinions on whether or not these are appropriate "boy" colors. He would be wearing it this fall as a less than one year old. Any further opinions are greatly appreciated.

Next we have my Monkey Sock from Knitty (free pattern) that I absolutely loved knitting. It is one of the fastest patterns I have ever knit up. The yarn is from e-bay and I think it is a Merino type yarn. It definitely has a bit of 'sproing' to it, and so, while the sock looks kind of small and stubby:
... it fits like a dream(US size 8/8.5 EU size39). I prefer my socks a bit snuggy and this is great. I did change the heel to an Eye of Partridge and the toe decrease I extended a bit. Now all I have to do is finish Rick's first sock so I can knit MY second sock. I am an equal opportunity knitter (giggle)

Speaking of Rick's sock, here it is thus far. It is the Gentleman's Sock, by Designedly Kristi. It has a twisted rib leg pattern and an Eye of Partridge heel (reinforced I might add). It is just that an 80stitch sock takes alot longer to go around than a 64stitch sock (my sock above). So far he is liking his sock.

Hope you have enjoyed your little stroll down knitting lane. See You All again soon.

Yes, Life has been in my way -

Hi everyone!!
First sorry I have been away from my blogging...I tell you when life gets on a roll, it really takes off. There has been so much going on, yard sales, parents visiting, boys here, birthdays to celebrate, and much more. Alas, today (even though I have to go to work in a couple hours) I shall try to up date my blog. I think I may do it in multiple installments. That way if you get bored you can move on to the next one.

First - I finally blocked the beautiful lace shawl that my Dear Friend Viv knitted for me at least a year ago if not longer. It is called the Edwardian Lace Shawl from Heirloom Knitting.

This is the shawl before blocking on the left (it takes up the space of approximately 1 1/2 seating spaces) at the dinning room table and I was able to stand next to the table to take the pic.

Here is the shawl (to the right) after blocking but still on the blocking blocks and me standing on a chair looking down. The picture below is the shawl just after removing the pins (yes, I did it with pins) but more about that later.

I must say though, that since my Birthday on Sunday I am now the proud owner of a set of blocking wires from Knit Picks. My Beloved took my instructions to heart (as well as saw the box of pins that I was working from) and ordered them for the Boys to give me.
Now, as for the pins I was working with - I made a small error in judgement and was using Applique pins that are approximately this__ long (think from the 't' to the end of the underscore line). Yep!! it was a learning lesson for me.

I may even try to reblock this with the wires so that it is more even and then use the pins to block out the scallops.
THANK YOU VIV!!!! for such a georgeous work of knitting talent. One day I may even try one of the Heirloom Patterns.

Now for another very important Thank You - to my Secret Pal - She is most awesome. Arranged it so my package arrived within 24hrs of my Birthday (not bad since B-day was on a Sunday this year) and what a package it was.

The sock yarn she dyed herself and I Love the colors (still trying to decide what sock pattern will best show it off) ; The Chocolate and card are just full of Nursing Humor (which I can totally appreciate); The sheep ornie is just too cute, and the Lavender Body Butter is just heavenly. The hand made cloth is the most luscious color of purple/lavender/periwinkle - and all the Mary Englebrecht bits are really cute. Thank You again my Fellow Nurse & SP

Must take a short break to go feed the girls finish the laundry and then I will be back with more pics and news bits.

Tuesday, May 15, 2007

I am still knitting...

Hi everyone, yes, I am still here, and yes still knitting. Life has been crazy (which is nothing new for me), but I have fit some knitting time in here and there.

I have hit a block with the baby cardigan - for some reason, I just don't seem to want to work on it. I am so close to being done... Although I must admit, it could be because I am having so much fun working on my Falling Leaves/Monkey socks. The yarn is great and the pattern is quick.

As for Rick's socks, I have made it to the heel, but alas, again I am having more fun doing my socks and so his have gone to the bottom of the bag again.

My oldest came last night for a visit, he is now back at home at his mom's house, but it was really great to have him come here for a night. I am ever amazed at how long I have know these boys and how far they have come. But before I get too remeniscent, I must get on my way to my Accupuncture appt. I think it may be working. More later

Monday, May 07, 2007

So Here are my 5 ?s from Viv

1.)If you could choose anywhere in the world, where would you live? Why?

This is really tough, because, as, my blog title indicates I am always Dreaming of Germany…but I also have a place for the Desert of the Southwest – particularly the Phoenix area. So truly if I had my choice and $$ was not an issue I would live in both places.
Germany because I love how clean and neat and uncluttered it is. The western/central areas remind me very much of where I grew up in Pennsylvania only better. I like the lifestyle and the pace of life in Germany. It is much more laid back than here in the US. When it all comes down to it there is just something about arriving on German soil that makes me take a breath and think “OK all is well I am here and life is good” I have so many fond memories and some truly wonderful German friends that make it such a draw for me to live there.
As for Phoenix, it draws me for many of the same reasons as German but with more sunshine and different landscape. The fact that you can live in Phoenix, and in the winter time, drive 2.5hrs and go cross country skiing and then return home to 65 degree weather and take a dip in the hot tub if you like. Everything there is very casual (except the traffic congestion). The fact that I married my Beloved in Sedona (Red Rock country) holds a very special appeal for me to live there as well. Sedona is a magical place and with such good energy you cannot help but feel good just by driving into the area.

2.) You like Germany a lot - what's the thing you like most about it?

Well, other than the things I stated above, I would have to say the superior Beer, Wine, and Chocolate as well as the CLEAN food. What I mean is the purity of the food, unlike here the only way to get clean food is to buy expensive organic foods, because of all the chemicals and drugs used by the suppliers here. Oh and also the openness to alternative and complementary medical treatments.
I guess that is more than a “thing”, but ah well….

3.) If you could keep any kind of "exotic" animal as a pet (thinkwallabies, platypuses, wombats etc.) what would be your choice? Why?

Wow, an exotic… I am stumped on this one and will have to come back to it.

4.) I'm turning 4-0 this year, hence the question - do you think this isa milestone age in a woman's life?

Since I seem to be someone who is not particularly conscious of ‘age’ (my friends are both younger and older than I, my Beloved is 12yrs older than I) I am not sure I would consider this a Milestone Age for a woman. I must admit I certainly did some looking back, some evaluating of where I am and where I thought I would be at this point in my life. I also spent some time trying to figure out where I want to go in life. I would have to say I think it is more of a contemplative age in a woman’s life than a milestone. If you were to ask me about this at 60, I would probably say that is more of a milestone. By that point we have made it through some pretty incredible changes and processes in our life and have much knowledge and wisdom to share, as well as accomplishments to be proud of. I actually find myself looking forward to that time of my life more so than I was looking forward to 40.

5.) If some unknown rich person (whom we all dream of meeting) gave youa huge amount of money to spend on knitting or stitching stash, whatwould you buy?

What ever yarns my little heart desires, without thought of “would I really pay that much for a sweater or socks, or whatever?”. I think more so than buying stash, I would by “time” to knit and stitch. Right now my life is so busy that I often feel like I would like for some one to pay me to just enjoy myself doing what ‘I’ want to do. That way I don’t have to feel guilty about not contributing to the household, and there aren’t a ton of things that I need to do because I will have time to intersperse them with my knitting/stitching time.
The more I think about this the more I wish we could win even a reasonable size lottery (I am not geedy –$500 to 750,000 would be more than plenty.

If anyone should like me to pose 5 ?s to them to answer (I believe this is called a meme) I would be most happy to put some thought to it and oblige.

As for my knitting these days, the Baby Cardi is coming along well, I am currently working on one of the sleeves. I am amazed at how quickly you cover ground with these miniature clothes.

Rick's socks are coming along slowly - I am over the 'manly - man' color of both his and Dad's socks, so they are not moving as quickly as he might hope for.

I have started a pair of socks for ME from some yarn that I bought from e-bay last year. Since it was a hand-dye and not labeled I am REALLY hoping it will be fine for socks, but from the way it feels I think it will be just fine. The pattern I am doing is the Falling Leaves pattern from Knitty. Rachael made a pair and I saw them somewhere else and decided to try it. I love how quickly they are knitting up. Plus, wait until you see the color. The more I knit with it the more I love it. Pictures will follow in the next day or so.

Must run off to work... oh where is that person who is going to give me stash $$ or the Lottery win????

Tuesday, May 01, 2007

Spring in FULL bloom

I just could not help myself. Our Azaleas are looking so lovely I just had to take some pics and here they are. Don't they just scream SPRING TIME???

In fact I took the first picture and made it my desktop image. It is really cool.

Oh and here is the promised picture of Dad's Socks. I must admit, my paranoia of running out of yarn created one sock that is smaller than the other. The good thing is Dad has one foot a whole size bigger than the other, the bad news is, that means the socks will wear out soon from not rotating them. I shall keep the tiny bit of yarn left over to do mending when the time comes.

Here is the Baby sweater in progress. Yes, I did take a DPN and weave it through the hood to creat a 'seam', and then add a ball lace yarn as a "head", but all in all it is looking pretty cute.

No, Viv, I did not forget about my 5?s I "promise" I will get them up here very soon. Honest!!

Have a great one everyone!!!