Friday, May 25, 2007

So Here is the Knitting Part

First we have Nicholas' Cardi - Yes, it is for my great-Nephew (I think). You see I have been getting differing opinions on whether or not these are appropriate "boy" colors. He would be wearing it this fall as a less than one year old. Any further opinions are greatly appreciated.

Next we have my Monkey Sock from Knitty (free pattern) that I absolutely loved knitting. It is one of the fastest patterns I have ever knit up. The yarn is from e-bay and I think it is a Merino type yarn. It definitely has a bit of 'sproing' to it, and so, while the sock looks kind of small and stubby:
... it fits like a dream(US size 8/8.5 EU size39). I prefer my socks a bit snuggy and this is great. I did change the heel to an Eye of Partridge and the toe decrease I extended a bit. Now all I have to do is finish Rick's first sock so I can knit MY second sock. I am an equal opportunity knitter (giggle)

Speaking of Rick's sock, here it is thus far. It is the Gentleman's Sock, by Designedly Kristi. It has a twisted rib leg pattern and an Eye of Partridge heel (reinforced I might add). It is just that an 80stitch sock takes alot longer to go around than a 64stitch sock (my sock above). So far he is liking his sock.

Hope you have enjoyed your little stroll down knitting lane. See You All again soon.


Anonymous said...

I think the cardigan colors are just fine for a young boy child. Looks great.

I also love both your socks in progress. Don't you just love that monkey pattern? I'm curious about the Partrige heel, I really like the effect it give. I think I will go look that up and give it a try.

secret pal

Jessica said...

That monkey turned out gorgeous. I just found some yarn in my stash that is now destined to be that pattern. I still really love the yarn you got. The colors are wonderful. I'm not usually for brights like that but it makes me want to go buy some.