Tuesday, May 15, 2007

I am still knitting...

Hi everyone, yes, I am still here, and yes still knitting. Life has been crazy (which is nothing new for me), but I have fit some knitting time in here and there.

I have hit a block with the baby cardigan - for some reason, I just don't seem to want to work on it. I am so close to being done... Although I must admit, it could be because I am having so much fun working on my Falling Leaves/Monkey socks. The yarn is great and the pattern is quick.

As for Rick's socks, I have made it to the heel, but alas, again I am having more fun doing my socks and so his have gone to the bottom of the bag again.

My oldest came last night for a visit, he is now back at home at his mom's house, but it was really great to have him come here for a night. I am ever amazed at how long I have know these boys and how far they have come. But before I get too remeniscent, I must get on my way to my Accupuncture appt. I think it may be working. More later


Anonymous said...

Glad to hear your are liking the sock knitting!! Don't fret over not working on your other projects. I always have several projects going, then work on whatever calls from the basket.This is the beauty of knitting. I believe project roaming allows our creative spirts to run free and in the long run makes us better crafters.

secret pal

Cat said...

YOU'VE BEEN TAGGED. Now don't linger - head to my blog to see what it is all about!!!!!!

Rachael said...

Hi Girly,
Whaen are you home? We have a 4 day weekend . Do you think we can manage a call? I will try and call you tomorrow afternoon. My time. Is that okay?