Saturday, May 26, 2007


I meant to note this on my previous post in the sections about my Monkey socks;

My most wonderful SP sent my a set of 5" Lantern Moon DPNs of Blondewood with my first package. I was quite new to the concept of 5" needles and have always been quite fond of 6" needles. Also the first time I used Bamboo needles to do socks I was not so very impressed and have stayed with my INOX needles since then.

With that said, I decided I should broaden my horizons and try the lovely needls my SP sent me. I must say that for 64 stich socks that are mostly Knit/Purl with a few YO and K2tog these needles were quite the dream to work with. I will most definitely be using them in the future. It has helped me to learn that there are definitely reasons for using certain tools for certain jobs.

Thank You so much for introducing me to something so wonderful and different CJ!! :)


Jessica said...

that's cool. i've been wanting to try the lm dpns. I tried some brittany birch 5" and didn't like them at all. but I dont think it was the length that got me. I think it was how bendy they were. I need stronger needles.

Romelda said...

Thanks for the sweet comments. I have been so ill I have not wanted to see anyone much ess let anyone see the crazy itching woman. Today it eased some and I got Johns cold! Can't win. I'll bebetter, some day and we will knit until then I am on the neddles. My hoody is half done!

Anonymous said...

So glad to hear you like the needles. I love to work with them too. After I sent your needles I actually broke a #1 and a #2 of mine during routine sock knitting. I emailed the customer service person at Lantern Moon and had replacements, plus an extra needle in each size in less than a week. So if you happen to break one, not all is lost, just email Lantern Moon and they will do ya right.

secret pal

ptownhokie said...

Hi, Cheryl, it's Valerie from Yarn for Breakfast. I found your blog and started my own... we'll see how it goes! I love looking at what everyone is making. See you next time!

Rachael said...

I think I wil have to get some of these when I get home. I love my bamboos but the only wooden needles I have found here have been too big.