Tuesday, June 05, 2007

Has it really been this long???

Wow, I am amazed how long it has been since I have posted. I guess things have just gotten away from me.

As usual life has been busy, and I have simply been trying to keep up. Must admit I do a have a few pics to post.

This past weekend was prom weekend for my middle son- I am just in awe of how much he has grown in the time I have know him. I have known him for 11yrs and Rick & I have been married for almost 7 - Wow!!! The little boy, who was quite the rough and tumble, always getting into trouble and eating everything in sight has become quite the young man. Why in less than 3 months he will be heading off to college....anyway here he is in all his glory.

Let's see now, onto knitty things....

I have CO Monkey Sock #2 for me, and have been making some good headway with my Diamonds are a Girls Best Friend Shawl (except that it does not seem to be getting bigger - could it be because I have to keep ripping back to reknit the YOs that I forget) Hopefully will work to fix my latest error after I get off the puter.

I still need to CO Rick's #2 sock. I think I will have some knitting while in the air and airport time coming up, so socks are great for that kind of thing.

I am hoping to cast on a sweater or a shrug or a shawl of sorts soon as well. I just have to prioritize (what's that you ask...) and decide what can be finished reasonably quickly, and something that I want to be working on. Choices Choices Choices - so many patterns so littl time.

More posts to follow - sooner than this one


Rachael said...

Josh is so handsom and grown up in his tux- makes you want to cry doesn't it. Many hugs.

Anonymous said...

My goodness, how tall is your son? He is very handsome. Don't you just love a man in a tux?

Are you using a lifeline on your lace project. I cursed my lace knitting until I started to use one. I use waxed dental floss, because it slips out so easy when it is time to remove it. I usually place a lifeline after every pattern repeat, that way if I screw up, I can just rip back one repeat. I also leave the lines in until the work is done, that way I can keep track of how may repeats I have.

Lets see those Monkey socks.

secret pal

Angelika said...

You seem to be busy. How do you find the time to even read my blog. Thanks for the nice comment. You got me beat on the monkey socks and I'm sure you could squeeze in a Bonita shirt without any problems.