Friday, June 29, 2007

I know, I am a bad blogger -

I am not sure where this week has gone to, but I cannot believe it is already Friday. I know I promised pic, and they will make it here. I am hoping over this weekend. Although with the boys here, and supposedly my laundry room floor being redone by my DH (and possibly one son), it could be a bit hectic.

Anyway, at this point I have finished the Monkey socks (my modified version there of), and am making fairly good progress on my Emeral Isle shawl (which is for a very dear friend who may see this blog, so unfortunately there will be no pics at this time), and Rick's 2nd sock is actually starting to take shape.

I have readied and will drop off my final SP package at the post office today (yeah, I am a bit behind but life happens). I have very much enjoyed both being and having an SP. Heck, I may even get to meet my Spoiler in person since next weekend I leave to go to her neck of the woods in CA. We shall see. Schedules may not allow, but it is a nice thought.

I am off to hit the treadmill and do some treadmill knitting (or should I say fitness knitting) and then it is off to a whirlwind day of errands, work, more errands and then home to the DH and it is a boys weekend as well.

Take Care All

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Romelda said...

I am so excited . . I got my invitation to RAVELRY. Wheeoo! I am busy inputting.