Thursday, June 21, 2007

What a weekend!!

So let's see, that is now 2 graduated and 1 to go. We have a few years yet though on #3. It really was a great weekend. Mom & Dad arrived on Thurs, the boys arrived on Friday and we went out for the traditional 'graduation dinner'. Saturday was then graduation and celebration here at the house. It was a small family affair, but that is what Josh wanted, and that is just fine with us.
Then came Sunday... Mom & Dad left around 0800, and we were all out the door by 1100 on our way to Washington DC area. 1st we stopped and dropped Josh off at his mom's house so they could drive to George Mason Univ together (family orientation). Then we took Rich to Dulles International to catch his flight to Tel Aviv. Yep, he is currently on location near Jerusalem and (eek) Gaza. What an experience that was... we arrived more than 2hrs before his flight, and the airport was an absolute zoo - a thriving mass of humanity. After the better part of an hour at the Air France ticketing line, he cruised right on through security - which when we arrive there the line was easily 1 - 1 1/2hr long.
Then we found our hotel near GMU and kicked back for the rest of the evening and then Monday morning it was off to family orientation. I think Josh is going to do just fine. I was amazed at how wiggy a good number of the parents were at the thought of their 'little one' going off to college. Obviously I was raised differently in that I am thrilled that he has gotten this far and now feels that he has the wings to start flying on his own. It is what we as parents work toward.

Anyway, as for my KNITTING....let's see -
Diamonds Are A Girl's Best Friend has been put in 'time out' until I decide if I can find either the error in the pattern or the error in the knitted piece. I am still thinking I may unravel her, and put the pattern aside for another time. After all she is my first real lace project and she is rated for intermediat to experienced knitters.
There fore I have started a new lace project that seems to be flowing along quite nicely from the same designer (Goddess Knits) called Emerald Isle. The yarn is Jager spun Zephyr - I think.
My 2nd Monkey sock is finishe just past the gussett, and I have yet to cast on Rick's sock #2, but I do have some travel time coming my way, and socks are really quite good for airport and airplane knitting.

I am really enjoying my Lantern Moon blondewood needles from my SP, I may have to save my pennies and get another set. I am trying to be quite good since really blowing the budget while my LYS was doing her 'going out of business' sale. The bad part is, I really feel that I want to support the new owner who is doing her Grand Re-Opening this Saturday.... what is a girl to do???
As soon as I get the chance to load some pics I will show what all has been going on. Until then I hope everyone is well and happy


Suzanne said...

CONGRATS on the grad. going well! and the orientation at GMU! Prayers for your DH on his traveling.

Oh, I'm over in Hampton. Which Coldwater Creek do you work at? My MIL and I go to the outlet in Wmbg - LOVE IT! LOL Suz

Anonymous said...

Man, all that busyness makes be tired just reading about it!! How exciting to have your son starting college. I'm with you, this is a happy time, but some parents have trouble cutting the cord.

Sorry to hear about your Diamonds shawl. I frogged my first lace project ( I think it was Icarus) about 3 times, then gave up for a good few months. I am doing the Gothic Leaf Stole now as my first official successful lace project and it is going much better. The pattern is easy and I am using lots of lifelines.

OOOh, a new LYS! How exciting, you know you must support them, it is your duty as a knitter. My LYS is for sale right now, and boy do I really want to buy it, but alas I will probably not.

secret pal

Romelda said...

Is it really THIS saturday? I have really missed them. I feel so much better, still slowly recovering, but recovering . . I may have to go! My son got his masters from GMU . he realy liked it. Let's try and knit some , Romelda