Wednesday, June 13, 2007

Still Here and Still Knitting

Well, the good news is, we have finally acheived some satisfactory closure in our dealings with DH's ex. Things have gone our way (finally), and the healing can begin. It will still be a long road for the next 12 - 18months financially, but we are on our way to being back in control of our finances. This is a huge weight from my soul. It was really getting to the breaking point, but now we are only focusing on the positive.

I have been working on my 2nd Monkey sock, and am almost down to the heel at this point. I must say by the look of the yarn cake I am working from, someone else will probably also benefit from this wonderful yarn in the way of socks. Not sure who yet...maybe my wonderful SP, but will have to wait for the reveal and then check about foot size.

I have also been finally making some serious FORWARD progress on my lace shawl. I am really getting into it. I have figured out that this pattern can truly only be done with silence or classical music, and I cannot be tired. I came this ______ close to taking the whole thing apart and putting it to the side until I have a bit more experience, but alas... things started coming together. The tough part is, every line of the pattern is different, but with repeats within the line. I think it will be quite lovely once it is finished. I am hoping my upcoming travel plans will allow for some lace knitting time. Plus I am going to enlarge the pattern to make it easier to follow.

Anyway, this coming weekend is graduation weekend for Josh, and my parents arrive tomorrow to celebrate and attend graduation. Then Sunday we all leave in different directions - Mom & Dad to home in PA, DH-Josh-Matt & I to George Mason Univ for family orientation - and Rich (the oldest) to Israel on an archeological dig near Jerusalem for 5 weeks. When we scatter we really scatter.

Hope all is well with everyone, and I will try to post graduation pics next week.


Suzanne said...

CONGRATS to your DS! Ours graduates Friday evening also. He will be going to Comm. College next year - he's still 17 - neither of us is ready for him to leave home! HAHA GMU is one of the colleges he is looking at either next year or the year after. 2 of my BIL's live around the corner from GMU so it would work out well. Enjoy the graduation and CONGRATS to you and DH too for getting one thru high school - that is definitely an accomplishment!! Suz

Anonymous said...

Sounds like things have been pretty hectic round your place.

Glad to hear you are still knitting. I hear you on the lace thing. I can't even listen to podcasts or watch TV when I knit lace, and can only do a couple of pattern repeats before I have to pick up something more mindless. However, at the end of a long stressful day at work, I love to knit a little lace to decompress my brain.

Have fun with all the grad stuff

secret pal

romelda mckee said...

Thanks for the note . . I am still here . . slowly, slowly recuperating . . have not felt like ding anything but sleep. . COngrats to the grad .. my youngest has been roaming around Austalia for the past month. When you are back givve me a call and maybe we can get together . . after the Merry Maids (hah) dig me out from under the undone house work!!!
I must blog tonight