Tuesday, May 01, 2007

Spring in FULL bloom

I just could not help myself. Our Azaleas are looking so lovely I just had to take some pics and here they are. Don't they just scream SPRING TIME???

In fact I took the first picture and made it my desktop image. It is really cool.

Oh and here is the promised picture of Dad's Socks. I must admit, my paranoia of running out of yarn created one sock that is smaller than the other. The good thing is Dad has one foot a whole size bigger than the other, the bad news is, that means the socks will wear out soon from not rotating them. I shall keep the tiny bit of yarn left over to do mending when the time comes.

Here is the Baby sweater in progress. Yes, I did take a DPN and weave it through the hood to creat a 'seam', and then add a ball lace yarn as a "head", but all in all it is looking pretty cute.

No, Viv, I did not forget about my 5?s I "promise" I will get them up here very soon. Honest!!

Have a great one everyone!!!


PixieRose said...

oh wow that is very pretty and very much spring indeed.

speaking of spring and flowers in bloom and things of that nature.... do you happen to know of a park or garden that is really pretty (preferable free)? Me and Justin are wanting to have an outdoor wedding. But really its more like getting eloped since we just want it to be me him and Nathan. I've considered my own yard but it needs work before it is ready for anything like that. Its kinda a mess right now since we just moved in and the previously people let it grow up pretty badly.

anyways... any suggestions would be greatly appreciated. not sure if you have any but thought I'd ask.

those socks look comfy even if one is smaller. as long as they fit his feet they will be fine.

That sweater is speeding along. still getting lots of yardage out of that yarn?


Rachael said...

The baby sweater is darling!! And the azaleas are stunning. I know you told me that they were blooming , but I didn't picture them quite that wonderful.

Anonymous said...

Those azaleas look AWESOME! It was record hot here last week and all the blooms on mine are now cripsy brown.

the baby jacket is coming along nicely....looks super soft and bouncy

Secret pal

Queue said...

Great Azaleas! And the baby hoodie is looking really cute! You have a great weekend too - hopefully there will be nice weather, not this stereotypically british stuff we're getting right now in honor of the Queen.