Sunday, September 06, 2009

Made It Home

We are back in the Tidewater. Luckily off tomorrow, so hoping to take it easy on my back. All the many, many, many, hours of sitting, took its toll, and it (my back) went into spasm for 3days. Oh Joy. I did get a fair amount of knitting in... finished the left sleeve of my Swirl Pullover -

QUESTION TO MY KNITTING FRIENDS... is it ok to attach the sleeves and then block... or should the oddly shaped body be blocked - sew the shoulder seams and then attach the sleeves (since I would really like to attach them via 3needle bind off). I am not always good about following directions, but with this one I am not sure. Any suggestions will be appreciated.

Worked on Rick's sock to the point where he needs to try it on, so I can see how soon to start the toe.

Worked on Diamond's Are A Girl's Best Friend lace shawl by Renee Leverington. Slight issue there - you see it was the first lace project I tried, and it has lanquished being worked on sporadically for at least 2, if not 3yrs - there are many glaring errors, and the most recent of which - (since now I really know what I am doing) is a bunch of missing stitches. I fear there is a very large Frog Pond in my future - much deeper than "nee deep" (as my DH would say). I am having difficulty bringing myself to frog it (I am on pattern 4 of 6), but at the same time the mistakes are so glaring.... Maybe this week. Then I will restart it, and it will go much more smoothly, and quickly.

Pictures to follow and tales of vacation adventures (in our world there are always 'adventures')


Mary in VA said...

Re. the blocking question - I always do my blocking when the sweater is completely finished. May partly be a function of the style of sweaters I knit. But there you go.

Hope the back is better soon.

twinsetellen said...

If you think it will make attaching the sleeves easier, block now and block again later. Especially if there is something you are hoping will block out, block it as soon as possible to see if it really does solve the problem. Do what makes sense to you!

And welcome home!

twinsetjan said...

I have to admit to agreeing with my sister on this one...block ahead of seaming and then final blocking afterwards. It really doesn't take much effort once you actually get it started and it pays off in spades.

Sorry to hear your back has acted up, but it does sound like you got a lot done. I'll look forward to pictures of the pullover and the socks. You will be happier if you just get the frogging over know you're going to do it. Otherwise you'll always wish you had!

Take care...hope to join up with Yarn for Breakfast sometime soon!

erinkristi said...

Since the only structured knitting I do are socks, my comment to you is: try the short row heel, they fit better. I have two WIP sweaters. Note they are still WIP. If I run into a problem, I'll try the short row heel anyway. HA!

Erin :)