Monday, September 14, 2009

A Bit of Peace

Have you ever noticed, the peace you feel, when you finally come to a decision about something that has been nagging at you for a while?? Well, I have come to that peace.

Both, the shawl - Diamonds are a Girl's Best Friend, AND The Swirl Pullover are being frogged.

There I said it in public. On Saturday at Yarn for Breakfast I was still hemming and hawwwing about it. Then, just before we all started packing up Jessica helped me with starting the frogging process on the shawl. See, she handed over her absolutely adorable little 2 month old to G-ma Vickie (who proceeded to put him to sleep) and held the shawl and unraveled while I wound the yarn onto the swift. That way I didn't have to watch all the stitches being undone. That also meant that when I got it home, It was already being frogged, and I had no idea where it was on the pattern, so finishing the job was not painful at all.

Next there is the Swirl Pullover.... that one is going to be tougher. Again, talking to Jessica and a number of the other knitters, and seeing what you all said here, I decided that no amount of blocking was going to make that sweater fit the way I would feel comfortable in it. So ..... I shall frog it also, and drop from a 4.5mm needle to a 4.0 needle and make the next size up. I really am quite set on this yarn for this project. It was proven to me over and over when I would look at the nearly finished sweater, and then try to convince myself that it would stretch.

I have not yet started that frogging project, as it was disheartening enough doing the first one. I figure I will give myself a couple days and then start that one. In the mean time I am trying to finish Rick's sock, to help keep my mind off things. :)

I am quite OK with it all now, since I know that I will eventually have the sweater I have been dreaming of, and a fabulous shawl as well. Plus, I will be that much better at following the directions for both of them, having already been there once now.


JessicaRose said...

it will be ok. sometimes you just need a hand to hold. :) or a knitting group for support.

Mary in VA said...

It really is calming to make this decision once you realize you'll never be happy with the FO. And sometimes that is the reason things aren't finished. I have a couple more in my UFO/WIP pile I need to take a hard look at and decide if this is the way to go.

twinsetellen said...

Very good. You have proven yourself worthy of knitting satisfaction. May the gauge be with you.

Life's a Stitch said...

You go for it. I`ll do one, too. I have a cardigan that I`ve never worn.