Thursday, January 29, 2009

I just couldn't help myself

Last night at Yarn for Supper (which was totally awesome because we had the coffee shop just for us as a private party - more about that later) I did a swatch for a Cross Over Scarf using Lang Mille Colori color 0066 (I think). Yeah, you heard me, "I" actually did a swatch and yes, it was for a Scarf. Go Figure!!! One of these days I might even do a real one for an item of clothing.

Anyway, then while I was at my private duty night shift I cast on said scarf (3 times). Now I think it is working. It certainly is quite fiddly. I am sure once I really get into the swing of it, it will go much more easily. I love the colors they are perfect. No, I did not do the soles for Matt's felted clogs. I just wasn't in that spot. Maybe tonight.

As soon as I have something worth taking a picture of, I will and you can all see my Cross Over Scarf.

Oh, as for felted clogs, I think I realize now why the soles didn't come out like I thought they should... I forgot to put the running stitch down the middle to help hold the 2 soles together during felting. I was impatient... to those of you who know me well, this comes as no surprise to you. Otherwise, I think the felting also was not quite what I thought it should be, because (let's hear the refrain...) I was impatient. There is definitely a theme here. Next time should be much better. I have vowed I will be patient (fat chance - as my DH would say)

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Mary in VA said...

I can't imagine swatching for a scarf! Maybe because I've learned the value of the large swatch if I'm actually going to knit a sweater (ok, I know that doesn't happen much!), I'd figure the swatch might as well be the start of the scarf. Kinda like starting the sleeves and calling it a swatch!