Sunday, February 03, 2008

The Sound of 1 Black Glove Clapping

Yep, here it is....Rich's Glove

here it is in all it's 'plain black stockinette stitch glory'. Yes, #2 is on its way. If I am lucky it will be done in the next few hours. That is unless I get tired of the 'fiddliness' of knitting the fingers.

I must then move on to Rick's sweater. A)I really want to have it done for him, and B) Having just returned from a "Super Bowl Sunday LYS crawl" with my Dear Friend Romelda... well, let's just say, this was my first and unless I make some serious progress over the coming months it may be until next year's Super Bowl until I can do it again.

I scored some really great Stash Enhancement, which, considering I am supposedly on a 'yarn diet' might not be as great as it seemed. I got some wonderful yarn for making some felted house clogs (which Romelda and I are going to both make), and the yarn for a sweater I found in a magazine from 2004 - this I can justify because DH said he like both the sweater and the color - so, I got the same color that is in the picture. It is OK, since he said he liked both (well justified?? Right?). Then I got some Regia Bamboo that was just asking to be purchased, and one skein of really pretty Cascade Yarns Jewel Hand Dyed. This will become mittens for Me.

Unfortunately because the camera left with DH at 0645 this morning, I cannot post pics of any of my scores. At least not now. I did warn DH that since he was leaving on Super Bowl Sunday that there was no one home to prevent me from hitting the Sales. He said I should have mentioned this 'before' he arranged his tickets for this trip. :) Ooops my bad...

I think the rest of the day will be quiet knitting and knitting while watching some Buffy - at least until the Game is over and I can watch a brand new episode of House.

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