Sunday, August 17, 2008

My Olympic Clogs - Round 1

So, here they are.... my Ravlympic Felted Clogs... BEFORE felting.

I have great faith in the felting process and am totally looking forward to felting these up really soon.

Although I did run out of the solid color yarn, mainly because I had to hold 3 strands together to get the proper gauge. So I subbed in a color that was really close, and after all, it will be on the very bottom, and not many folks will get to see that part.

Also here are the completed Clessidras - sans the changes to one of them from the heel flap down. I hope to do that soon, but not yet. If any of you are wondering, yes, that is me doing my best imitation of 5th Position in basic ballet. These 'old' joints no longer seem to want to do the turn out like they used to. I also think the fullness of my calf distorts the back panel and so you can't see the mock "laced look" in the photos. In real life it is much easier to see.

So Ellen when will you start yours??? :)

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