Monday, August 25, 2008

OK, maybe I should be afraid...

I have mentioned previously that I knit dishcloths while walking on the treadmill at 3.2mph. Well, today I tried something new, I was knitting on my Peaks n Valleys socks while walking 3.1mph. Granted I was knitting on the gusset and it is just a plain old knitted foot (on 2.5mm needles), but I felt pretty good about not dropping any needles and still keeping my stride.

So far I have been maintaining most every day on the treadmill. I am now up to 45min and 35min of that is spent at my 'fat burning heart rate'. Although, I must admit, I find that when I am consistent with walking, the scale tends to go up instead of down. I am not sure I understand that, but I am hoping it will soon start going the other way.

I guess that means I need to CO Rick's other Blueberry Waffle Sock, and I also need to start working on my Diamond Sweater. I can honestly say that making the clogs during the Olympics really helped boost my determination to finish these other projects. It also told me that I am quite capable of casting on and completing a project in a reasonable amount of time. Then again I did have some car time.

Future projects for travel to include finishing my Lace Shawl, and making clogs for each of my parents, and possibly even re-working the cable cardigan for Rick. I am just not happy with it, and I am feeling more brave about starting over and making some of my own adjustments.

Life as a travel widow (he is currently in Korea then onto Hawaii) is settling into a routine of knitting, ceiling preparation for painting, and working extra shifts to hopefully get a bit ahead in the $ department. While I Love Him dearly, I must admit that I do enjoy being here in the house on my own (well sort of on my own, I do have the girls to keep me company). Since I am the only one in the house these days they seem to follow my EVERY move.

Hope everyone is well, and....
Ellen - I love the look of the Bohus
Rachael - I am off to watch some Buffy
Jessica - When are you coming over to visit my stash?

btw- not only did the clogs change feet after felting but the ankles got bigger with felting and they also got closer to the camera - not sure how that happened.


twinsetellen said...

That is one powerful camera!

And watch out - my husband always worries about me having a heart attack when he catches me walking on the treadmill, knitting, and watching TV all at once.

JessicaRose said...

haha way to call me out on not visiting yet. what's your schedule like? I'm pretty much free anytime and dont mind driving over whenever your home.

Mary in VA said...

Hmm, maybe I can convince myself to start exercising if I call it knitting time! I know what you mean about deadline knitting teaching you that you CAN finish something. A big part of the reason I'm trying to force myself to finish all the WIPs. I know that if I get down to only 1 or 2 I will be finishing things!

twinsetjan said...

Love the clogs from the last post and I can TOTALLY get your point about having the house to yourself once in a while -- no matter how much we love our husbands. Sounds like you are doing plenty to keep yourself busy.

Oh, and I can't even keep myself on the treadmill, much less do it while knitting! :-)