Monday, September 01, 2008

All Things are Relative

So, here you have the woman who can walk 3.1mph on the treadmill and knit socks simultaneously, but early this summer, could not walk across a parking lot without stumbling and falling and ending up totally brush burned to the point of being unable to work or knit for almost a week. Then today I manage to re-prove the fact that just plain walking is beyond me... yep - I went walking across the yard (ok loping) trying to avoid the sprinkler and stepped in a hole in the yard and twisted my ankle!! I really think someone is just going to have to take me out back and shoot me soon. :(

Must admit though on the knitting front I am making great progress on my Dashing Diamond Pullover. I may very well be able to wear it before Thanksgiving this year.

I have spent quite a bit of time ooohhhing and aaaahhhing over lace shawl patterns that can be accomplished with 1 skein of Wollmeise sock weight yarn. I have 3 skeins and at least one of them I would like to be someting other than socks. We shall see.

Well I am off to spend some more time with my Beloved on this our 8th Anniversary. Can hardly believe it has been - 8yrs already or only I am not sure which. It is just really great to have him home with me (to take care of me when I am klutzy).

Hope you are all enjoying this final weekend of "summer"


Anonymous said...

Happy Anniversary!

twinsetellen said...

Happy Anniversary! And luckily, good ways to celebrate anniversaries don't need functioning ankles. ;-)

(And neither does knitting - let's see some pictures of the DD Pullover!)

Mary in VA said...

Happy Anniversary a little late.

Pamper that ankle. From my experience early this year, its really easy to re-injure it by pushing a little too much too soon!