Monday, September 29, 2008

Just a Quickie

OK, so here's the deal...
Yes, I am still among the living (at times over the past 2wks just barely)
No, I did not finish the sweater in time for Colorado Springs, but it was waaaaaay too warm to wear it (heck I didn't even feel like working on it, it was that warm).
Yes, I have made more progress on the Bamboo Monkeys
No, I have not worked on the baby blanket at all
Only minimal success on the Treadmill socks (which tell you .... minimal success on the treadmill)

My current plan....
Get back on track with getting my house cleaned up (been languishing way too long)
Get back on track with the treadmill (hence also the treadmill socks)
Get back on track with painting in the kitchen. I am so thrilled with the one wall that I have been just oooogling that one wall and ignoring the rest.

I figure I should quit with 3 "Get back on track"s That is a good starting point. Now all I have to do is get of the dag gumm computer and get crackin'!!! :)

Here I goooooooooooo

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twinsetjan said...

Go! Go! Go! That is, you go, Girl!