Tuesday, October 07, 2008

Fiber CSA in the running

Hi All,
I need some help with a friend’s farm and fiber CSA. I know how well Ravelers can band together and vote for something. So, I’m asking you to help vote on a company’s web site for Martha’s Vineyard Fiber Farm to win a $5000 technology upgrade. MVFF is the first community supported agriculture model that deals with fiber in the country. Part of it’s success is due to all of you on Ravelry! Thank you! Well now they’re up for this grant and they need 400+ votes before midnight tomorrow so I’m asking you to help me and take a minute and vote. You don’t have to register or anything - just click! The Farm’s ravelry group is MVFF Groupies and to vote just go HERE. Thank you so very much!

Thanks in advance for all your time and typing!

This is such a great opportunity for The First Fiber CSA in America. Susan is great, and you can check out the blog anytime even if you are not a shareholder. She really is doing a great job!! Being able to have web cams in the birthing barn and such will be totally awesome.


Quasipsyco said...

Well, I voted.

Looks like they are at 2124 right now! :-)

Anonymous said...

I'm a shareholder for spring 2009!! I love MVFF. I've already voted and had everyone I know vote too!! I want them to get those cameras so I can watch the animals!!