Friday, October 31, 2008

Can You Believe It??

I am making some serious progress. Although, I guess I need to maintain some humility or the Knitting Goddess will think I am being boastful and smite down in my tracks. Then where will I be.

I have manged to finish the first of Dad's slippers, and plan to do the second one this weekend. We shall see, best laid plans of mice and men... it is after all a 'Matt' weekend, which means we are usually quite busy with running about and lording over homework issues. I shall do my best.

I must admit that once you have made one pair of these the next ones seem sooooooo much easier. The pattern just flows like melted Nutella on a crepe (mmmmmmmmm)

Anyway, I have also made some progress in the kitchen re-do: I am very pleased with the colors (just ignore the messy parts of the picture)

Yes, I still have quite a bit to do, but don't they just look so pretty. Now there is the rest of the kitchen worth of cabinetry and all the doors except 2. Oh Boy!!!!!


JessicaRose said...

i love the cabinet color. very nice.

twinsetellen said...

The color is great - in both the kitchen and the slipper!