Monday, October 27, 2008

Wow, have I ever been remiss...

Yep, that would be me... so to make up for my remiss-ness I shall post some lovely pics of things that are going on in my world.

So, first we have said Treadmill socks. I definitely like them, and they fit fairly well, even though with the exact same weight of yarn, one sock is decidedly larger than the other. Apparently I knit more loosely while walking. Go figure...
Next we have - Taaaaaa Daaaaahhhhh - Yep, you got it!! The Dashing Diamond Pullover!!!! It only took me 7 months to finish this off. I must admit that I am fairly pleased with the outcome. I have worn it multiple times, and gotten numerous compliments on it. It is a very comfortable and flattering sweater. In fact it looks much better on than when it comes off. Once I take it off it looks like it is wider than 2 of me put together. Unfortunately the sleeves seem to want to keep growing, so I am contemplating a small hidden bit of elastic either across the back of the neck and shoulders or under the arms to help keep them where they are suppose to be.
Last but not least is my Baby Surprise Jacket done as KAL with the Yarn for Breakfast group. Go figure, a KAL that I completed in a timely manner.... the mind boggles. I really like this one, and LOVE the fiber. It is Plymouth DreamBaby. It is a micro fiber and nylon blend. Very soft and squishy and drapey. Now all I need is some buttons and this will be off in the mail to it's almost 1yr old recipient. :)
That is all for now, I am in the process of getting pics of the blanket for my niece (who will be 9mos by the end of the year) and some socks I am working on, and also maybe even an update of the Shawl I am working on.
Then it shall be holiday knitting and there will be no pics of that... wait, most of that is for my family who don't have a clue about blogging (my Mom & Dad). I am going to make felted slippers for them as they live up in the colder area of the country.

Hope everyone is well and knitting up a storm in order to keep those thermostats down at a reasonable temp. Oh, speaking of thermostats - My DH and I are in Furnace Wars this year - we are competing against each other.... chances are pretty sure that I will win this one. Does any one know, do little tiny space heaters count as losing???

Stay warm and knit happy

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twinsetellen said...

I am not weighing in on space heaters. I will weigh in on the Baby Surprise Jacket - it's adorable! But warning - I finished one over a year ago and I'm still getting around to putting buttons on it!