Thursday, September 11, 2008

You Asked For Them....

Here are the pictures of my most recent accomplishments thus far:
First we have Dashing Diamond Pullover. I just have to seam the shoulders and add the sleeves (which #1 is currently on the needles). I have to do a bit of adjusting, as my body is large enough for a large, but my arms are too short for a large. I am still hoping to have this done to take to Colorado next week. I am taking on the Harlot's mentality that anything is possible if you are determined enough.

On to: The Treadmill socks. Technically they should already be done... what does that tell us??? Yep, you got it, Cheryl has not been doing her treadmill time.... we will just leave it at that.
These two projects were cast ons that jumped the line. The Bamboo Monkeys are just because I felt like a color change and a pair of Monkeys just for me. The baby blanket... well that due a few months ago. Her sister's blanket also arrived several months behind schedule too.

I have also started working on my Diamonds Are A Girl's Best Friend (DAAGBF) lace shawl from Goddess Knits. I was truly surprised at how much easier it seemed to work on. Then again I have finished another lace shawl of Renee's and multiple other projects since putting that project into hibernation. Hopefully there will be some nicely updated progress after my trip next week.

Catch you all soon


Janey said...

Hey sweetie - your Dashing Diamond looks fabulous so far, that colour is beautiful! And I'm loving the bamboo monkeys (Monkey is one of my most favourite patterns!).

Have a great weekend, the treadmill can wait!

Geraldine said...

Found your blog! Here's the link to one of my favorite blogs:

Good to meet you today!