Saturday, July 07, 2007

Just a couple of things before I go....

So here's the deal - I get to go visit my dear friend from Germany..... in California. Are you confused yet? Rachael is visiting her family for the summer in CA - I am "accompanying my DH on a business trip" (it is just that I won't see him very much). We are flying on different flights, staying in different places, but will have dinner together on Sunday and then spend the night together on Thurs in preparation for our separate flights back to VA Beach on Friday. The really good part is I get to visit with Rachael and have some girl time, as well as down time (I am sure that will translate into lots of Knitting Time).

BUT... before I go here are the long ago promised pics of the finished Monkey socks. I love them, and am looking forward to making a pair for myself. The reason for the close up of the toe is to show how I decreased the pattern to the middle top of the foot before starting the toe decrease. Plus I changed the heel to an Eye of Partridge heel (I just like them best). I do have a bit a creativity running around, just not a whole lot. I really hope my SP likes her new personalized Monkey Socks.

Well, I am off to CA until next weekend, but will return in time for my monthly Saturday Knitting Meetup. I should have some great pics when I return, I hope.
Take Care All


ptownhokie said...

Have a good time in CA. I've never been. Love the socks!

Chelsea said...

Hiya- I saw these over at Knittin' Mom's site and thought that I'd check them out. I love the heel - do you slip your sts purl-wise on this heel? Mine are slipped k-wise and they look different so I figured that might be what it is. I really like this look a lot. Not to steal ideas, but I would like to try this out. Thanks for the tips. :)