Sunday, July 22, 2007

oooooooooo Lace Knitting

OK I really love how my lace knitting looks when it works. But at this particular moment in time I am ready to tink it all and start over. Problem is, I am hoping to have this piece done by the time I go to AZ on the 14th of Aug.
I have just spent the last hour knitting and tinking, and knitting and tinking the SAME FLIPPING ROW. Arrrrrrrggggghhhhh
Breathe once
Breath twice

Now, maybe I can go back and out of sheer tenacity redo it ONE MORE TIME WITH FEELING, and have it come out correct.

Commen sense says pick up a pair of socks and work on them for a while, but I am Taurus through and through, so therefore stubborn as the day is long. But my Gemini side must be showing through else I would not have put it down and moved to the computer (after said hour plus of frustration).

I think too, I shall go have another slice of Nutella bread.

See you all soon and hope u are having a great weekend.

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