Wednesday, September 06, 2006

I guess I will have some time on my hands

Well, I keep asking for some time on my hands, and now I have it. I will be off my feet for the most part for the next week, and have to be taking it easy for another week after that. Why you may ask???

Gall bladder attack that turned into surgery yesterday afternoon!! DH says I must put an end to the every September surgery thing. He says no more after this. I would agree.

Me who is totally not into hospitals and surgery and such, by 0630 yesterday morning (Tues) I was ready to sprint (not literally cause I was hurting too much) into the operating room to have my gall bladder removed. Pain at a level of 10 out of 10 from Mid-night on was enough to convince me.

I cam home today (Wed) about 1+ hour ago, and here I am. All set up on the couch with my lap top in lap, and water by my side.

So my great expectation is to not only finish the sock I am working on, but to also make her mate over the next week. Who knows I may even pick up my cross stitching again. We shall see.

It is time for some lunch with DH and then off for a nap. More updates to follow.

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